Where to find the Bound Manacles in Destiny 2

Learn where to get the Bound Manacles for the Essence of Insanity in Destiny 2.


The Bound Manacles are another weapon part players will need to find in Destiny 2. This is part of the quest, Essence of Insanity, which is used to craft Love and Death. The Bound Manacles are located in the Gatehouse, an area under the Moon.

Where to find Bound Manacles

To find the Bound Manacles, you will need to head to the Gatehouse on the Moon. This location is pretty easy to find as it’s relatively close to the surface. However, unlike the other weapon parts, in order to get the Bound Manacles for the Essence of Insanity, you’ll need to defeat a powerful Hive Knight called Ehrath’Ur, Eternal Blade.

The Gatehouse can be reached by starting at the Sorrow’s Harbor fast travel point. Go south through the tunnel toward the Hellmouth. When you come out the other side, turn right and head toward the Hive fortress.

Go inside and follow the path down, you’ll come across the Gatehouse loading zone. Pass through this next area, being careful not to fall into the abyss on the left. At the back of the room is a door on your right, go through it and go down the stairs. At the bottom is a door on your left. Go through the door.

You will enter a large room, this is where you can find the enemy that drops the Bound Manacles. It is an extremely powerful Hive Knight, so prepare for a fight. You may die a few times if you’re below the correct Power level, so try and keep your distance.

Once you kill Ehrath’Ur, Eternal Blade, the Bound Manacles will drop into your inventory. At this point, you will either need to get some Grenade Launcher kills or the Essence of Insanity will be completed and you can craft Love and Death. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more of these Essence weapon guides.

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      Thanks for the article. My question is How do I acquire the Essence of Insanity [Grenade Launcher - "Love and Death"] in the first place. Your guide (as great as it is) only details how to get the ornament needed to craft the weapon. But how do I receive the quest? Where does it drop from? I having the same issue with the Essence of Obscurity [SMG - "Every Waking Moment"] and the Essence of Jealousy [Sword - "Night Terror"]. I have found 100's of guides on where/how to get the relics needed to craft the weapons but what I need to know is how/where do I get these 3 essence-quests from? Where do they drop/How do I obtain them?

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