King's Fall loot table - Destiny 2

Every available drop for each encounter in the King's Fall raid in Destiny 2.


The King’s Fall raid has a massive loot table chock full of great weapons for players to unlock. For those that are farming this Destiny 2 raid each week in search of weapon patterns, you’ll want to pay close attention to the encounters from which the weapon you’re looking for drops. Below is a table detailing each King’s Fall encounter and the potential weapons and armor you can earn.

Remember to activate the Oryx chest for a guaranteed Deepsight Resonance weapon once per week.

King's Fall loot table

Image shows the Touch of Malice a weapon from the King's Fall loot table in Destiny 2

Source: Bungie

With six individual encounters and four bonus chests, there are plenty of opportunities to earn loot in the King’s Fall raid. However, because the bonus chests only drop gear you’ve earned from a boss, knowing the drops for each encounter will help you plan out what to farm. Take a look at the loot pool for each fight in King’s Fall.

King's Fall loot pool
Portal Totems Warpriest Golgoroth Daughters Oryx
Doom of Chelchis (Scout Rifle) Doom of Chelchis (Scout Rifle) Smite of Merain (Pulse Rifle) Doom of Chelchis (Scout Rifle) Smite of Merain (Pulse Rifle) Touch of Malice
Class Item Qullim's Terminus (Machine Gun) Defiance of Yasmin (Sniper Rifle) Zaouli's Bane (Hand Cannon) Zaouli's Bane (Hand Cannon) Plus any weapon or armor
Chest Arms Midha's Reckoning (Fusion Rifle) Qullim's Terminus (Machine Gun)
Legs Chest Qullim's Terminus (Machine Gun) Arms
Class Item Head Chest

As you can see, each encounter features a variety of weapons to earn. Doom of Chelchis is quite a common drop, which should make it easy to get your patterns and craft your Doom of Chelchis god roll.

For the final encounter against Oryx, the last chest can drop one piece of gear from any of the previous encounters. It also has a chance to drop the Exotic Scout Rifle, Touch of Malice.

Now, this King’s Fall loot table does not include the secret chests, Oryx symbol chest, or Challenge chests. Secret chests drop mods for King’s Fall, a piece of gear you have already unlocked, and Spoils of Conquest. The Oryx symbol chest drops one red border (Deepsight) weapon per week. The Challenge chests drop one item from the encounter’s loot pool. For Master difficulty, this will likely be a guaranteed Harrowed weapon.

Be sure to keep this King’s Fall loot table in mind as you’re clearing encounters in Destiny 2. Though there’s not much you can do to increase your luck, it’s at least worth knowing which encounter you must clear on three characters to increase your chances of a specific weapon. Stop by our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more information on King’s Fall as well as guides for each challenge.

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