All Sleeper Node Locations in Destiny 2: Warmind

Learn how to get the Destiny 2 Sleep Simulant exotic by tracking down each of the Sleeper Nodes in the Warmind expansion.


The Sleeper Simulant is returning in the Destiny 2: Warmind expansion, but players looking to grab the exotic weapon will have their work cut out for them. Among other requirements like side missions and kill counts, players looking to unlock the Sleeper Simulant will need to acquire four Resonant Stems and ultimately seek out a number of different Sleeper Nodes spread across various locations.

Combining Resonate Stems creates an Override Frequency, and players can hover over the Override Frequency in the menu to see a string of characters that looks somewhat like a file directory location. Each one of these strings will contain a clue to the location of one of 40 total Sleeper Nodes, i.e. Drift.Gatehouse.Catwalk points players toward the Glacial Drift location around the catwalk near the gatehouse.

The Sleeper Nodes themselves shouldn't be too hard to find assuming the player is in the right area: when one is nearby, a new musical cue will play and the environment lighting will change, letting Hunters know they're close. Here's a look at all of the Destiny 2: Warmind Sleeper Node locations we've found so far.

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Olympus Descent Sleeper Nodes

To find the Descent.Cavern.Warsat node, head to the Glacial Drift and then into the twisting caves to the south. Once at the crashed Warsat, look over cliff behind the Warsat to locate the node.

The Descent.Chasm.Ledge node can be found in the twisting cave system to the south of Glacial Drift. Head through the cave system, past the crashed Warsat, hugging the left wall all the way to the cliff. Look over the lip to spot the Sleeper node.

The Descent.Caves.Runes Sleeper node is south of the Glacial Drift at the entrance to the Penumbral Depths. Head into the caves and follow the path along to the doorway to the Penumbral Depths, it will be locked with Hive chains. To the left is the Sleeper node near the edge of the cliff.

Glacial Drift Sleeper Nodes

The Drift.Subterrane.Cliffside node can be found on the left side of the entrance to the Ma'adim Subterrane Lost Sector. The node itself is situated within an alcove near a pair of trees. 

The Drift.Transit.Freight node is on top of the area's bridge, found in a shipping container within the smaller-sized group of trains.

The Drift.Gatehouse.Catwalk node can be found in the building to the right of the Glacial Drift fast travel point. Head inside the building and use the box to reach the catwalk running along the upper sides of the room. 

The Drift.Transit.Foundation node can be found under the northwest side of the bridge in the Glacial Drift. Look beneath the bridge supports to locate the node.

The Drift.Service.BackEnd node is sitting within a small building on the path toward Braytech, on a ledge just beyond a ladder. 

The Drift.Checkpoint.Elevator node is just inside and to the left within a building labeled C-67 off the south and western edge of the bridge.

The Drift.Flammable.Storage node is in another building near the southwest end of the train bridge, in a building just off the beaten path. 

The Drift.Subterrane.Chasm node is located within the Ma'adim Subterrane Lost Sector, shoved between rock walls off the main passage not too far from the bridge. 

The so-far unnamed Lost Sector node can be located not too far from the bridge as the player makes their way toward the Cabal.

Dynamo Approach Sleeper Nodes

The Dynamo.Approach.Tree node can be found as players approach the tree near the stone archway. Look for the node at the side of the cliff.

The Dynamo.Approach.Arch node is by the same archway, sitting in the snow just behind the base of the arch.

The Dynamo.Approach.Cavern node can be found above the door into the cave by climbing the series of rocks just to the left of the entrance. 

Alton Dynamo Sleeper Nodes

The Dynamo.Deck.Dampener node is located just within Alton after jumping across the gap and onto the underground structure. Follow the path around and look to the left of the stairs, the node is tucked in the corner. 

The Dynamo.Control.Door node is within the room with the frozen Hive — climb the stairs and turn left to climb another staircase into a new room, the node will be in the corner.

The Dynamo.Coolant.Ventilation node can be found in the ventilation shaft of the room with the frozen Hive. Shoot the vents to open, then follow the path to the node at the end. 

The Dynamo.Observation.Door node can be found within Hellas View, past Alton Dynamo. Pass through the tunnels until you reach an outdoor platform with a Rasputin vent, then jump up onto the wall on the left and look over the ledge to spot the node.

The Dynamo.Observation.Valkyrie node is located in Hellas View, stuck in a corner on the outside platform. 

The Dynamo.Observation.Core node is found in Hellas View, immediately after the outside section. Enter the next room and turn around, look above the doorway to find this node.

The Dynamo.Core.Brace node can be found in the same room where players fight the wizard, sitting in the open near a box. 

The Dynamo.Core.Catwalk node is found deep within Hellas View, at the very end of the area near where the Valkyrie is overcharged as part of the Will of the Thousands Strike. It's a large room full of Hive enemies, as well as a wizard. Look below the connecting bridge to spot the node.

The unnamed Alton Dynamo sleeper node is sitting right out in the open in the hallway flanked by various pillars.

The Dynamo.Server.Stairwell node is hidden in a corner in the server room deep within Alton Dynamo. 

The Dynamo.Server.Heatshield node is not far from where the unnamed node can be found, hidden beyond a maze-like area near a massive cog.

Braytech Futurescape Sleeper Nodes

The Futurescape.Transit.Service node can be found just below Braytech Futurscape, along the subway tracks. Look for the notch in the wall to find the node. 

The Futurescape.Dock.Outpost node is found on top of a building near the trainline that connects Braytech Futurescape to Glacial Drift.

The Futurescape.Dock.Garage node found outside of Braytech Futurescape, tucked between two buildings. 

The Futurescape.Dock.Silo node is found just outside the Bray building, on the right-hand side of the structure. 

The Futurescape.Reception.Overlook node can be found inside the Braytech Futurescape building, across from Ana Bray. 

The Futurescape.Plaza.Console node is in the building to the left of the Braytech Futurescape, near the entrance to the Lost Sectors. Look for the room full of Hive enemies, the node is at the top of the stairs near the bank of computers. 

The Futurescape.Plaza.Infestation node is located within the room infested with Hive, near the back left-hand wall. 

The Futurescape.Terminus.Console node can be found near the terminal in the Core Terminus Lost Sector, just past a stairway in the left-hand room.

The Futurescape.Ridgeline.Waterfall node is to the left of the Braytech Futurescape fast travel node. Follow the path along and look for the water trickling over the cliff. 

Aurora Breach Sleeper Nodes

The Aurora.Mindlab.Observation node is found inside the Braytech Futurescape, below a grate in the floor. Head into building and follow the hallway on the left. After passing the Warmind diamond statue in the water, look for the grate in the following room and drop down below it using the hole on the right. 

The Aurora.Mindlab.Supplies node is found in the Braytech Futurescape area, just past the statue of the Warmind diamond, and in the first outdoor area. Head through the building and outside, and at the top of the stairs, look behind the crates on the left. 

Mindlab: Rasputin Sleeper Nodes

The Mindlab.Conveyor.Junction node is just past the entrance to the Mindlab. Fall over the left side of the passage to land near the massive display; the node will be sitting nearby. 

The Mindlab.Conveyor.Bridge node is found in Aurora Reach, the path that leads into Rasputins chamber. After exiting the Braytech Futurescape building and passing through the small tubular tunnel, kill the Hive in the area and look under the bridge to spot the node. 

The Mindlab.Elevator.Right node can be found in the same area, on a platform that can be reached from the lower level. 

The Mindlab.Elevator.Service node is a short walk away from the Elevator Right node. Follow the path through the bridge and into the next area, then turn right at the fork and left into the open environment. From there, follow the building wall left down the catwalk to find the node sitting at the end of the passage.

The Mindlab.Overhang.Node node is not far from the Elevator Service node. Instead of turning left into the open environment, turn right and follow the ventilation shaft up, then jump onto the platform at the end of the passageway. From there, continue forward to find the node sitting at the end of the path. 

The unnamed Mindlab sleeper node can be found just outside the Mindlab on the right-hand side of the building. 

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