All dead Exo locations - Destiny 2

Find all nine dead Exos for the Salvage the Past Triumph in Destiny 2.


Dead Exos are one of the more macabre collectibles in Destiny 2. Players that want to unlock all the Triumphs for Beyond Light will need to put on their spelunking boots and get to trekking all over Europa to find these once-human machines.

Dead Exo locations

There are nine dead Exos dotted in various locations around Europa. There’s a good chance some players will already have found three of them, thanks to it being a requirement in unlocking The Lament Exotic Sword.

As mentioned above, finding all of the dead Exos is needed for the Salvage the Past Beyond Light Triumph, which in turn is needed to unlock the Splintered Title. Whether you’ve found the first three or are starting from scratch, here are all the dead Exo locations in Destiny 2.

Dead Exo 1 – Cadmus Ridge

destiny 2 dead exo cadmus ridge

This dead Exo can be found in Cadmus Ridge along the left-hand side on a block of snow. As you enter Cadmus Ridge from Charon’s Crossing, hang left and jump up onto a large snow mound overlooking the main path. The Exo is on the ground by the edge.

Dead Exo 2 – Perdition Lost Sector

destiny 2 dead exo perdition lost sector

The dead Exo in the Perdition Lost Sector is found in the boss room in the corner. If you're looting the boss chest, you've gone too far.

Dead Exo 3 – Bray Exoscience

destiny 2 dead exo bray exoscience

This dead Exo is located in Bray Exoscience, the main building in the west of Cadmus Ridge. Enter Bray Exoscience and work your way to the bright room. Take the right path as though you were going to Creation but stop in the first room. Search the corner to find the Exo.

Dead Exo 4 – Creation

destiny 2 dead exo Creation

To find this dead Exo, you will need to make your way into Creation, the area through Bray Exoscience in Cadmus Ridge. Work your way through this long area to the point where you must drop down to the bridge and then down again to the walkways. Drop all the way down and head toward the door at the back, sticking close to the left-hand side. The dead Exo can be found on a platform leaning against a block.

Dead Exo 5 – Concealed Void Lost Sector

destiny 2 dead exo concealed void lost sector

The first dead Exo can be found in the Concealed Void Lost Sector. The Exo is found behind the boss loot chest.

Dead Exo 6 – Asterion Abyss

destiny 2 dead exo asterion abyss

The dead Exo in Asterion Abyss is on the east, near the path to the Nexus. The Exo is buried in the snow, just below the ridge wall.

Dead Exo 7 – Well of Infinitude

destiny 2 dead exo well of infinitude

This next dead Exo is in the Well of Infinitude, an area accessed via Asterion Abyss. Head into the Nexus (the area to the right of Asterion Abyss) and at the fork, take the right-hand path. Continue through the Vex tunnels until you reach a larger room with drones flying around. This room contains the Exo, over along the wall near the drones.

Dead Exo 8 – Eventide Ruins

destiny 2 dead exo eventide ruins

This dead Exo is found in the Eventide Ruins, near the entrance to the Deep Stone Crypt raid. As you enter Eventide Ruins from Cadmus Ridge, cut across the area, keeping the gravity lift to Riis-Reborn Approach on your left. Enter the destroyed building at the top-right of the map. The dead Exo is on the ground beside three exhausts.

Dead Exo 9 – Bunker E15 Lost Sector

destiny 2 dead exo bunker e15 lost sector

The last dead Exo is in the Bunker E15 Lost Sector in the room before the boss fight. After freeing the first few frames and entering the larger open area where the Cyclops spawns, search under the stairs to find the Exo.

After all nine dead Exos are found, the Salvage the Past Triumph will unlock. Claiming all parts of the Triumph will reward you with the Exo Figurine, which you can place at the campsite in Beyond. Next up, be sure to stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more coverage from this season and beyond (pun totally intended).

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