Duality dungeon loot table - Destiny 2

All weapons and armor from each encounter in the Duality dungeon in Destiny 2.


The Duality dungeon is out in Destiny 2 and players are already farming it for loot and ideal rolls. Whether you’re running it for the first time on weekly reset or clearing it on an alt, knowing which encounter drops what piece of gear will help you work out where you need to focus your efforts. Below is a Duality loot table for each encounter, detailing what gear can drop.

Note: As of March 15, 2023, it is currently possible to farm the first boss, Gahlran, within a few seconds. Shoot the lamps to go to the Nightmare realm, bait Gahlran to the lower side near the edge, let him swing at you as you jump out of the way and he should fall to his death. Check the video below for more information. Note that the checkpoint rejoin has been disabled but Gahlran can still be baited off the edge.

Duality loot table

destiny 2 duality loot table
The Heart Shadow Exotic Sword is only available from the final encounter in the Duality dungeon.

Duality loot in Destiny 2 includes new Darkness-inspired weaponry as well as a return of a few Opulent weapons. Players will also be able to secure a full set of Hakke gear, and if they’re lucky on the Master version, some Artifice armor. We’ve got a Duality dungeon guide ready if you’re having some difficulty clearing the activity.  Here is a Duality loot table showing the drops from each encounter.

Duality dungeon loot
Nightmare of Gahlran, Sorrow Bearer The Vault Nightmare of Caiatl, Empress-Imperial
Lingering Dread (Grenade Launcher) Unforgiven (Submachine Gun) New Purpose (Pulse Rifle)
The Epicurean (Fusion Rifle) Stormchaser (Linear Fusion Rifle) Fixed Odds (Machine Gun)
Head Arms Heartshadow (Exotic Sword)
Arms Chest Plus one item from previous encounters
Legs Class Item

As you can see, the first encounter is where you can expect to pick up one of the new Stasis Grenade Launchers and the Epicurean Fusion Rifle, along with some armor. The Vault features the Unforgiven SMG and the new, triple-burst Stormchaser Linear Fusion Rifle.

For the final encounter, players can expect the New Purpose Pulse Rifle, Fixed Odds Machine Gun, and the Heartshadow Exotic Sword. Not only that, but it will also drop one additional piece of gear from the previous encounters. This is a great way to pick up additional rolls of some of these weapons.

Duality dungeon armor

destiny 2 duality dungeon armor

The Duality dungeon armor is themed after the Hakke foundry in Destiny 2. Players that complete the Master version of the dungeon can earn the Artifice armor, which offers an additional mod slot. You can check out the look of the armor in the image above.

The available loot in Duality makes it a dungeon worth farming. The new LFR and other Stasis weapons can come with some appealing perks. For other loot tables and activity schedules, check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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