How to get Memory Vestige: Darkness - Destiny 2

It will take 10 Memory Vestige: Darkness to unlock all your Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2. Here's where to find them.


Memory Vestige: Darkness is another new currency in Destiny 2 and the polar opposite of the Memory Vestige: Light. The Darkness variant is needed to unlock two Prismatic Fragments, which means you’ll need to collect at least 10 of them in order to complete your set. Here’s how to farm them – and the good news is that it’s easier than the other ones.

How to get Memory Vestige: Darkness

Memory Vestige: Darkness drop from the Darkness-locked chests around the Pale Heart patrol zones, specifically the areas with Overthrow functionality. The chests will have a prompt to begin expunging or stitching or some other verb. You will need to collect these in order to unlock all Prismatic Fragments.

A chest rewards a Memory Vestige Darkness

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After activating the chest, you will need to complete a challenge. One challenge requires you to pass through checkpoints within a time limit. Once the challenge is done, you can return to the chest and open it to receive a Memory Vestige: Darkness and some other gear (maybe a piece of armor of a Destination Mod).

A Memory: Impassive Darkness is collected

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Collecting five Memory Vestiges: Darkness will turn it into a Memory Darkness. The exact name of the Legendary consumable will indicate what area you need to explore to find the Prismatic chest. In the image above, Memory: Impassive Darkness is a clue to search the Impasse area.

You can farm the same chest repeatedly until you get all the Memory Vestige: Darkness you need. Simply leave the area and come back to reset the chest. As you can see, it’s much easier to farm these than it is the Memory Vestige: Light consumables. Check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help with every little secret in this new, expansive area.

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