Transversive Steps Exotic boots - Destiny 2

Transversive Steps are a middling pair of Exotic boots for Warlocks that are nifty in a few outlying circumstances in Destiny 2.


Transversive Steps are a mediocre pair of boots in the Warlock Exotic wardrobe. This Destiny 2 Exotics offer an interesting perk that is only really super valuable in one or two situations. Outside of this very specific time, most players are going to opt for something a bit more flashy and useful.

Transversive Steps

The Transversive Steps are a pair of Exotic Warlock boots that offer some interesting buffs. Though they might not be all players’ first choice, they should be considered when the situation is right. Original Destiny players will remember the Transversive Steps as increasing crouch-walking speed and auto-loading equipped weapon when walking over ammo. The Transversive Steps in Destiny 2 have received a nice upgrade from this, making them a bit more useful.

Strange Protractor

transversive steps destiny 2

As with all Exotics, the main perks are the real selling point. The Exotic perk on Transversive Steps is called Strange Protractor. This perk increases sprinting speed and reloads your currently equipped weapon – a great boon in both PVE and PVP situations.

  • Strange Protractor – Sprint speed increased. After a short time sprinting, your currently equipped weapon is automatically reloaded.

When to use Transversive Steps

Transversive Steps are a “sometimes” Exotic. Not in the same way as cookies are “sometimes” food, but because there’s rarely a situation where you would want this perk over something more appealing – like the always great Geomag Stabilizers.

when to use transversive steps destiny 2
Transversive Steps are useful when chasing the Mountaintop, as they will reload your Grenade Launchers.

The only time players may want to wear Transversive Steps is when speed is of utmost importance. This could be in Competitive Crucible or Trials of Osiris, where escaping a pursuing enemy is critical to winning a round.

In saying this, the second aspect of Strange Protractor should not be shirked. This reloads your equipped weapon after a few seconds of sprinting. Being able to skip the reload animation while also fleeing a fight can put you at a major advantage.

Furthermore, Transversive Steps are a massive boon to Warlocks trying to unlock the Mountaintop. With several Grenade Launchers equipped, having your weapons reload after sprinting makes getting the multi-kills a cinch.

Outside of Crucible players, there is some benefit to having your weapons reloaded automatically in PVE content. However, there is almost always a better option out there.

How to get Transversive Steps

Except for a few outliers that are rewarded for completing campaign missions, most Exotic armor pieces are going to be random drops. In order to get Transversive Steps, you will need to either rely on Exotic drop chances (such as Nightfall: The Ordeal, raids, and other end-game activities) or hope that Xur brings them for sale on the weekend.

Transversive Steps lore

Transversive Steps lore Destiny 2

Your relationship with consistent spacetime is… tenuous at best

Tell me where you are! Account for Earth's rotation—more than 1000 kilometers per hour—your orbital velocity of 107,000 kph, your local stellar drift of 70,000 kph, your galactic orbital velocity of 792,000 kph, and our galactic drift relative to the cosmic microwave background of 1,300,000 kph. Also, account for your motion relative to me due to the accelerating expansion of space-time.

Difficult, isn't it? But with the help of these handsome noetic devices you will find yourself deliciously and maddeningly aware of your ley velocities! Fired from an existence cannon through a whirling void the size of everything!

And like any line of force, these vectors may be tapped, their obscene speeds diverted for your own use, although we recommend swapping them for comfortable boots before you socialize with the Merely Stationary.

While the Transversive Steps have their moments of use in Destiny 2, most players will equip these for one situation (or maybe two) and then don something a bit more active. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for information on everything else in the game.

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