Destiny 2: Season of Dawn campaign walkthrough

A complete step-by-step walkthrough of the Season of Dawn campaign in Destiny 2.


Season of Dawn is shining over Destiny 2 and it brings with it a new campaign. This new adventure takes players back to Mercury to help out Osiris with some time-related shenanigans. As part of the campaign, you will learn about Obelisks and the new 6-player activity, the Sundial. This Season of Dawn campaign walkthrough will take you through each step of the quest, A Matter of Time.

Season of Dawn campaign walkthrough – A Matter of Time

The Season of Dawn campaign, A Matter of Time, is a 2 hour commitment. It shouldn’t take players longer than that, and it may even take less time for those that just smash through it. This campaign quest is also only available during Season of Dawn, once the season ends, the story will become unavailable.

Step 1: Speak with Ikora Rey

Talk to Ikora and pick up the quest, A Matter of Time. This is the quest that helps you get the seasonal artifact but also tells the story of Osiris and the Red Legion.

Step 2: A Disturbance on Mercury

destiny 2 season of dawn campaign
Speak with Ikora in the Tower to collect the quest, A Matter of Time. This is the Season of Dawn campaign.

Ikora believes Osiris will be able to explain the Red Legion’s renewed interest in Mercury, but she can’t contact him. She’s sending you in her stead. Find Osiris on Mercury.

Open the Director and select Mercury. There is a new addition to the map at the top, this is the Sundial and where you can launch this section of the quest.

After landing on Mercury, fight up the hill to the new structure where you will find Osiris waiting for you.

Step 3: Recovery Operation

season of dawn campaign
Hope on over to the Tangled Shore and start killing Cabal with Solar weapons and abilities.

The structure of the obelisk must be repaired so it can be linked to the Sundial. Osiris believes some members of the Red Legion fled Mercury with tech pilfered from the Sundial. If you recover the components, you may be able to forge a link.

  • Defeat Cabal on the Tangled Shore to recover Sundial Components. Cabal defeated with Solar weapons and abilities may drop additional materials.

Go to the Tangled Shore and defeat Cabal. The best spot to do this is Soriks’s Cut or the Lost Sector in Four-Horn Gulch as both these areas have a lot of Cabal.

As the quest suggests, use a Solar weapon to get these kills as it will help speed up the process of getting 50 of these items.

Step 4: Reinforcements

destiny 2 a matter of time
Go to the obelisk in the Tangled Shore and bank the components you've collected.

You’ve recovered the materials that will help connect the obelisk to the Sundial. Now, you must bring these back to the obelisk in order to modify it.

  • Bank the recovered Sundial Components at the obelisk.

This step requires you to take the 50 Sundial Components to the obelisk on the Tangled Shore. This obelisk is located in Thieves’ Landing, near the fast travel point.

Step 5: Light Collection

destiny 2 season of dawn a matter of time
The next step has you defeating enemies with your abilities and Super, and collecting Orbs of Light. Go to a Lost Sector to quickly complete this step.

Now that you’ve modified the obelisk with tech from the Sundial, there is only one more component needed: your Light. The obelisk is not yet active, but using your Light to charge it will allow you to bring it back to full power.

  • Charge the obelisk by defeating enemies with abilities and your Super, and by collecting Orbs of Light.

This step can presumably be done anywhere, but best to stay in the Tangled Shore. Simply go to a Public Event or run through a Lost Sector a few times to get the Orbs of Light you need. Be sure to use a Masterworked weapon so you can generate Orbs of Light for yourself.

Step 6: Light Infusion

destiny 2 season of dawn quest
Return to the obelisk and bank your Light.

You have gathered a powerful Light charge, which you can transfer to the obelisk. Once you charge the obelisk with this Light, you will restore it to its full power.

  • Bank the Light charge you accumulated to power the obelisk.

Simply return to the obelisk and bank your Light to power it back up.

Step 7: Timeline Stabilization

Destiny 2 Tangled Shore obelisk timeline stabilization

You’ve restored the obelisk and charged it with your Light. You must finalize its activation to attune it to the temporal disturbance stemming from Mercury.

  • Interact with the obelisk to complete its activation.

This step couldn’t be easier; walk up to the obelisk and interact with it.

Step 8: A Missing Link

destiny 2 a missing link
Interact with the obelisk and collect the item, Sundial Link: Tangled Shore to progress the quest.

The obelisk is fully functioning. All that’s left is to link it to the Sundial by strengthening its power here on the Shore.

  • Activate the Tangled Shore Obelisk’s Sundial link.

There’s not a lot of information given for this step of the quest, A Matter of Time. All that “A Missing Link” tells you to do is to activate the Sundial link.

To actually complete this step, go to the obelisk on the Tangled Shore and interact with it. You will need to accept the quest item, Sundial Link: Tangled Shore. When you have this item, return to Osiris on Mercury.

Step 9: Visit Osiris

Destiny 2 visit osiris season of dawn

Now that the link between the obelisk and the Sundial is established, Osiris needs your help within the Sundial itself.

  • Return to Osiris at the Sundial Spire on Mercury.

Head back to Mercury and speak with Osiris once more.

Step 10: The Sundial

destiny 2 the sundial season of dawn
Complete a run through the Sundial activity to complete the Season of Dawn campaign quest.

Osiris has asked you to enter the Sundial so that he might calibrate it to you, allowing you to move across Mercury’s past and future to defeat the Cabal.

  • Enter the Sundial Arena playlist

All that’s left to do now in the A Matter of Time quest is to enter the Sundial and complete a run of this new activity in the Season of Dawn. The Sundial activity can be launched from the Mercury map.

Step 11: Detached from Time

destiny 2 season of dawn campaign walkthrough
Return to Osiris once more to collect your reward, The Lantern of Osiris.

As you left the Sundial, you found a strange object that seemed to materialize from nowhere. The object is unidentifiable, but seems to be phasing between timelines, flickering in your hands. You think Osiris may be able to help you determine its origin.

  • Bring the phased object to Osiris at the Sundial Spire.

Go back to Mercury and speak with Osiris. Hand over the Phased Object you received after completing the Sundial. It won’t be in your inventory, so don’t worry about looking for it. At this point, the A Matter of Time questline will complete and you get focus on chasing max Power in Season of Dawn!

The campaign in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn isn’t too lengthy. In fact, most players should be able to blitz through it in two hours. The only real hang-up may be dealing with the obelisk in the Tangled Shore. Take a look at the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more Season of Dawn coverage!

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