Chamber of Water Imperial Treasure location in Destiny 2

Track down the location of the Chamber of Water for another Imperial Treasure chest in Destiny 2.


The Chamber of Water Imperial Treasure chest is the final part of one of Werner 99-40’s bounties. This chest is located on Nessus in an area that’s not often explored. Because it’s so out of the way, finding the entrance to the Chamber of Water can be a bit difficult, even for the most well-traveled Destiny 2 player.

Destiny 2 | Chamber of Water Imperial Treasure location

The Chamber of Water Imperial Treasure is located on Nessus at the northernmost point of the Patrol Zone. This lies in an area near the Watcher’s Grave, though there are no clear markers (such as with Lost Sectors) for where the entrance might be.

Use the Watcher’s Grave fast travel point to load in to Nessus. You will spawn in just near the Imperial Barge. Pass along the right-hand side of the barge, toward the Vex gate. Jump through the Vex gate to be transported into an underground area full of Vex.

Destiny 2 Chamber of Water Imperial Treasure location
The Chamber of Water can be accessed via the Watcher's Grave on Nessus. The chest itself is up high on a ledge overlooking the vista.

Pass deeper into this cavern to enter the Chamber of Water. Fight up the ramp and into the next area where a few Vex will be waiting. The area you’re looking for has a Vex block in the middle with a glowing center. The chest itself is actually located along the edge of the area and up high.

Walk to the edge and use some of the blocks to jump up. The Imperial Chest is sitting up high, overlooking the view. Open the chest to unlock the Trial of Combat Triumph (provided this is the first time you’ve completed this particular Werner bounty). You should also receive a powerful item, some runes, and a handful of Imperials.

These runes can be used in the Menagerie recipes for gaining specific powerful weapons and armor. Keep in mind you will want to upgrade your Chalice of Opulence, which requires a whole lot of Imperials.

Now that you’ve tracked down the Chamber of Water Imperial Treasure chest, swing by the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more helpful walkthroughs.

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