Operation Elbrus Step 11 - Destiny 2

Step 11 for Operation Elbrus requires Psychogenic Intel, but some players in Destiny 2 can't seem to get any.


Operation Elbrus Step 11 is one part of the questline that may give Destiny 2 players some problems. For this step, you must collect Psychogenic Intel, but for those that perhaps aren’t familiar with how drops work, it can be confusing as to why none of this new material is dropping from any location. Thankfully, we’ve got the solution for your headache.

Operation Elbrus – Psychogenic Intel not dropping

If no Psychogenic Intel is dropping for you during Operation Elbrus Step 11 (or later steps), it is likely because you have the maximum amount of Psychogenic Intel in your Inventory. Destiny 2 will only allow you to hold 2,000 Psychogenic Intel. Once you hit the maximum, no more intel will drop from any activity or source unless you reduce it.

destiny 2 can't get psychogenic intel operation elbrus step 11
If you can't get any Psychogenic Intel, chances are you're maxed out in your Inventory. Delete the stack and you should see it start dropping again.

In order to get more Psychogenic Intel to drop, you can either run the PsiOps Battlegrounds playlist via the HELM and open Runic Chests to use them or just delete the stack. It might sound silly to delete 2,000 of something in one go, but you can get so much intel so quickly. Three Crucible matches (win or lose) and you’ll have the 500 you need to continue this step.

Make sure you remember this little bit of information going forward. You will need to collect Psychogenic Intel throughout the rest of the season as part of specific quest steps. If you find yourself with 2,000 and unable to get more – just delete it or use it.

Now that you know how to progress the Operation Elbrus Step 11 that requires Psychogenic Intel, you can get back to sorting out Savathun’s mess. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more helpful information to get you through the game.

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