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Everything you need to know about Solstice in Destiny 2 from Candescent armor and Kindling to Celebrating Solstice and Bonfire Bash.


Solstice has returned to Destiny 2, bringing with it a brand new quest to complete, armor to unlock, weapons to farm, and mechanics to learn. With so much going on, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. To help you settle in, we’ve got a complete Solstice event guide covering the Celebrating Solstice quest, Bonfire Bash activity, and the new currencies on offer.

Celebrating Solstice quest guide

destiny 2 celebrating solstice event quest
Visit Eva Levante in the Tower to begin the Celebrating Solstice quest.

To begin the Celebrating Solstice quest, head to the Tower and speak with Eva Levante. She will give you a package containing Candescent armor. At this point, you will receive the questline.

Step 1: Equip a full set of Candescent armor

destiny 2 celebrating solstice step 1

Put on the full set of Candescent armor, including the class item.

Step 2: Speak with Eva Levante and collect the Silver Leaves

destiny 2 celebrating solstice step 2

Speak with Eva Levante and grab the Silver Leaves she offers you.

Step 3: Complete a Bonfire Bash activity in EAZ and collect 20 Silver Ash

destiny 2 celebrating solstice step 3

Head into the EAZ and complete the Bonfire Bash activity. This can be launched via the map of the Tower (at the top of the screen) or through the little beacon beside Levante.

Step 4: Speak with Eva Levante

destiny 2 celebrating solstice step 4

Once you’ve complete one Bonfire Bash activity, return to the Tower and talk with Eva.

Step 5: Open the Solstice Event Card and claim Event Challenges

destiny 2 celebrating solstice step 5

You’ll now have access to the entire Solstice Event Card challenges. This is located under the Quest tab. Open it up and claim your first Event Challenge. You will receiving one piece of Kindling.

Step 6: Add Kindling to a piece of Candescent armor

destiny 2 celebrating solstice step 6

Pick any piece of Candescent armor and apply the Kindling to it. The only armor that cannot be kindled is the class item. The Kindling is applied in the second last perk slot. Each new piece of Kindling you put in that slow will increase the Kindling size, empowering your armor.

Step 7: Apply Glowing Embers to the same armor piece

destiny 2 celebrating solstice step 7

Pick the same piece of armor you added the Kindling to and now add the Glowing Embers to the final perk slot.

Step 8: Speak with Eva Levante

destiny 2 celebrating solstice step 8

Go back to Eva Levante and talk with her to wrap up the Celebrating Solstice questline.

Bonfire Bash activity

destiny 2 solstice bonfire bash
Bonfire Bash takes place on the EAZ. This is the activity for Solstice, rewarding Silver Ash for burning Silver Leaves.

The Bonfire Bash is the new activity for Solstice that takes place on the European Aerial Zone (EAZ). The goal is to defeat Hive Wizards and throw the orbs they drop onto the bonfire. During the fight, Taken will spawn, preventing you defeating Wizards. Defeat the Taken to keep the fight going. When the bonfire is ready, a massive Taken Heat-Drinker will spawn. Defeat it to finish the activity.

  • Ignition Carriers: Glowing combatants that drop Igniters when defeated
  • Igniters: Objects that can be picked up and thrown into the bonfire to stoke the flame
  • Bonfire: Stoke the bonfire with Igniters to make the flames grow. The more the bonfire is stoked, the more Silver Leaves can be transformed into Silver Ash. Equipping Candescent armor and transforming Silver Leaves increases rewards at the end of the activity.
  • Taken Interference: Taken will disrupt the bonfire throughout the activity. Defeat them to reignite the bonfire.

The Bonfire Bash is straightforward and only lasts about as long as a short strike. Work with your teammates to quickly collect all the Igniters and defeat the Taken Heat-Drinker. When the activity ends, your Silver Leaves will turn into Silver Ash. This activity is a great way to level your crafted weapons. Take a look at our crafted weapon activity percentage guide for an idea of how much XP you get per activity.

Solstice Event Card challenges

destiny 2 solstice event card challenges
There are 24 event challenges to complete for Solstice. These also unlock the Flamekeeper Title.

The Solstice Event Card challenges each reward you with one Kindling. This Kindling is added to the Candescent armor, allowing you to reroll the stats using Glowing Embers. Each of the challenges is also a Solstice Triumph for the Flamekeeper Title.

How to get Kindling

destiny 2 solstice how to get kindling
Kindling is awarded for completing event challenges.

Kindling is awarded for claiming an Event Card challenge. Each challenge will reward one piece of Kindling. Each armor slot (head, arms, chest, and legs) takes 6 Kindling to max out. You must complete each Solstice challenge if you want to max out a full set of Candescent armor (requires 24 Kindling). The more Kindling a piece of armor has, the better the rerolled stats will be when you apply a Glowing Ember.

How to get Silver Leaves

destiny 2 solstice how to get silver leaves
Silver Leaves are awarded for completing activities while wearing Candescent armor.

You can’t reroll Candescent armor without Silver Ash, which requires Silver Leaves. To each Silver Leaves, simply equip Candescent armor and play activities. The more armor you wear, the more Silver Leaves you will receive. Complete the Bonfire Bash activity to turn Silver Leaves into Silver Ash.

How to reroll Candescent armor

destiny 2 solstice reroll candescent armor
Apply 6x Kindling to Candescent armor to Fully Rekindled it. Once done, apply Glowing Embers to reroll the stats. Remember to equip Armorer Ghost mods.

To reroll Candescent armor, you must first apply Kindling to it and then apply a Glowing Ember. The more Kindling in the armor, the better the reroll will be. Armorer Ghost Mods will also be factored in when rerolling the armor. This will allow you to have two high stat areas.

One thing to remember is that when a piece of armor is Fully Rekindled, it can only be rerolled once for 60 Silver Ash. You must get a new piece of armor if you want to try again. Thankfully, all armor in that slot will be Fully Rekindled, the only thing you need to do then is acquire the Silver Ash needed to apply the Glowing Embers.

The Solstice event in Destiny 2 focuses on the EAZ and a new activity called, Bonfire Bash. Completing this will turn your Silver Leaves into Silver Ash, allowing you to upgrade and reroll your Candescent armor for better stats. Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more coverage of Destiny 2’s seasonal events.

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