How to get Hush Pinnacle weapon in Destiny 2

Learn how to easily get Hush, the Gambit Pinnacle weapon for Season of Opulence in Destiny 2.


Hush, the Pinnacle weapons for Gambit, is a Combat Bow added with the Season of Opulence. As with most Pinnacle weapons in Destiny 2, Hush is quite a grind to unlock but it’s well worth the effort if you're a bow user. You will need to play a whole lot of Gambit to acquire Hush, so get your Fireteam together!

How to get Hush, Pinnacle Combat Bow

Destiny 2 Hush Pinnacle Weapon
The quest line, Hush, Little Baby, rewards the Gambit Pinnacle weapon Hush, a Combat Bow.

To begin the quest to unlock Hush, you will need to speak with the Drifter in the Annex of the Tower. Look for the quest called, Hush, Little Baby. This quest requires you to earn bow kills in Gambit and Gambit medals.

  • 1,000 final blows
  • 500 precision final blows
  • Earn medals (roughly 600)

Getting bow kills is easy enough. Simply load in to your Gambit match and start killing enemies with a bow. You will likely achieve the precision blows well before the final blows, but either way, keep killing until these two complete.

As for the medals, rumor has it that you need to earn about 600 medals. Check out our guide on all the Gambit medals in Destiny 2 so you know what you’re aiming for. While you need the bow for the other two requirements, you can use any weapons for the medals.

Hush perks

Destiny 2 Hush perks
Hush's main perk, Archer's Gambit, increases draw speed on hipfire precision hits.

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The main reason why Hush is an appealing bow is due to its unique perk, Archer’s Gambit. This perk significantly increases the draw speed after landing a precision hit. The perk lasts for 7 seconds once procced, which will allow you to deal some impressive damage in a short amount of time. Hush’s main perks are:

  • Opening Shot – Improved accuracy and range on the opening shot of attack.
  • Archer’s Gambit – Hipfire precision hits grant a massive draw-speed bonus for a short duration.

Hush also comes fully Masterworked, which increases its accuracy. It also has a slot available for a mod. Given you will want to activate Archer’s Gambit as much as possible, which requires hipfiring, a good mod to consider is Freehand Grip. This mod increases accuracy and ready speed while firing from the hip.

Unfortunately, Hush is not as appealing as some of the other Pinnacle weapons this season. The best one is probably Wendigo-GL3, a Grenade Launcher that can deal some impressive damage. However, if you’re a bow user, unlocking the Hush Pinnacle Combat Bow is a good idea. Check out the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more weapon guides!

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