What is Lost Treasure in Destiny 2?

A new item has appeared in Destiny 2, Lost Treasure, but it's not appearing in inventories or consumables.


Lost Treasure is a new item that seems to be dropping from enemies in Destiny 2. This new consumable is nowhere to be found in the inventory or consumables, which is no doubt leaving a lot of players wondering what it is.

What is Lost Treasure

Lost Treasure is an item tied to a quest given by Benedict 99-40 or Werner 99-40. This quest is called Spoils of War and has players collecting Lost Treasure by defeating enemy combatants across the system.

Destiny 2 what is lost treasure
A new item called Lost Treasure is dropping from enemies in Destiny 2.

Enemies only have a small chance of dropping a Lost Treasure collectible, which will result in you needing to kill a whole lot of enemies. It’s worth just knocking out your various weekly challenges to level up quickly during Season of Opulence and forget about this quest until it completes.

The Lost Treasure item is similar to the items collected during Patrols, as they don’t actually go into your inventory and are merely used to track a quest. This is why you couldn’t find them anywhere in the menu.

Destiny 2 Lost Treasure
Lost Treasure is an item dropped when you have the Benedict quest, Spoils of War.

The reward for Spoils of War is a Legendary Rune, a Puny Purse of Imperials, and a map to the location of a chest which contains a Powerful Gear engram. If you’re struggling to upgrade your Chalice of Opulence, consider trying a few other methods to get more Imperials.

This quest is part of four weekly quests offered by Emperor Calus’ envoys. Continuing to complete them each week is a great way to earn more powerful gear as well as some extra Imperials. However, once you max out your Chalice of Opulence and hit the new max Power cap, there won’t be much reason to complete them besides the extra Legendary Shards.

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