Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher quest - Destiny 2

Get your hands on the Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher by completing its quest line in Destiny 2, beginning with a Menagerie run and finding A Scrap of Paper.


Truth, an Exotic Rocket Launcher, has been added to Destiny 2 after first appearing in the original Destiny back in 2014. While some may be quick to brush off this Exotic Rocket Launcher taking up a valuable Exotic slot, it’s important to remember our roots. Better to learn about how to get Truth and not need it, than to hear how powerful it is and not have it.

How to get Truth, Exotic Rocket Launcher

Destiny 2 Truth
The quest item for Truth starts in the Menagerie, the new activity added with Season of Opulence.

The process of getting Truth in Destiny 2 is rather straightforward, though expect to spend a while completing the quest. You will need to play a variety of endgame activities, including several Nightfalls as well as the Menagerie, and you will need a few Tincture of Queensfoils.

  1. Complete the Menagerie to receive A Scrap of Paper
  2. Go speak with Petra
  3. Complete an Ascendant Challenge
  4. Find pieces of the map:
    1. In any Ascendant chest in the Dreaming City
    2. In the Mindbender’s room in the Jestsum of Saturn in the Tangled Shore
    3. Complete a Nightfall
    4. In the Cistern on Nessus while Ascendant
  5. Complete each challenge for each map piece:
    1. 100 Hive kills in the Tangled Shore
    2. Three Nightfalls while under a handicap of 100 or greater, and 60 rocket launcher kills
    3. 50 rocket launcher kills while Ascendant on Nessus
    4. Complete a Corsair Down bounty
  6. Play the Warden of Nothing Strike and collect five artifacts
  7. Use a Tincture of Queensfoil at the end of the Strike and use the platforms to reach the chest

To begin the process of unlocking Truth, head to the Menagerie on the Leviathan and complete a run. After looting the chest at the end, you will receive the Truth quest item, A Scrap of Paper. From here, head to the Dreaming City and speak with Petra Venj.

Complete an Ascendant Challenge in the Dreaming City. Check our Ascendant Challenge schedule to know what challenge is currently available during the week you’re attempting to get Truth.

At this point, you must collect four pieces of a map. These pieces are scattered around the various areas listed above. At the moment, there seems to be a glitch where Petra actually sells these maps. If this is still happening when you attempt this, buy the maps from her to circumvent some busywork. Alternatively, you will need to know where to find all Ascendant Chests in the Dreaming City.

Each map will have a challenge that must be completed before the next step is unlocked. Refer to the bulletpoints above to see what each challenge is.

Finally, with all map challenges complete, you can play the Warden of Nothing Strike. In this Strike are several artifacts that can be collected. Your Fireteam must collect five artifacts to summon five platforms at the end of the Strike. After defeating the boss, pop a Tincture of Queensfoil and follow the platforms off the back of the arena and down to the chest. Open the chest to get Truth, an Exotic Rocket Launcher.

Truth, Exotic Rocket Launcher perks

Destiny 2 Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher
The Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher has the same perks as Destiny 1: three rockets in the tube, proximity detonation, and tracking.

Truth is a powerful Rocket Launcher that excels at tracking enemies. While not currently incredibly useful in PVE, it could see some use in Gambit and Crucible, where tracking moving enemies is important. As for Truth’s perks, they are much the same as Destiny 1:

  • Intrinsic: Prototype Trueseeker – This weapon’s rockets have tracking. Lock onto targets when aiming down sights.
  • Trait: Grenades and Horseshoes – Projectiles will detonate when they are within close proximity of their targets

Now that you’ve unlocked Truth, either stow it in your Vault for later use, or enjoy that free infusion fuel. At the moment, it’s probably not going to be the new meta – that spot is still reserved for Outbreak Perfected. Check out the Destiny 2 guide for more Exotic weapon walkthroughs.

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