Where to farm Seraphite in Destiny 2

The most efficient way to get a large supply of Seraphite in Destiny 2.


With the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken comes a whole lot of changes to how weapons and armor are upgraded in Destiny 2. Gear no longer requires just Glimmer and Legendary Shards to be infused, they now need planetary resource, one of which is the seemingly rare Seraphite. Farming up a decent supply of Seraphite isn’t too hard, so long as players know the best methods.

Where to farm Seraphite

Seraphite is the planetary resource found in the Hellas Basin on Mars. This crystal-like substance is found all over the surface of the planet, though it is arguably one of the rarer resources in the game. Despite this rarity, there are a few things players can do to improve their chances of getting an impressive pile of Seraphite:

  • Collect from the ground
  • Loot planetary chests
  • Complete Public Events
  • Defeat high priority targets
  • Purchase from Spider in the Tangled Shore

Out of all these methods, the best option is to visit Spider in the Tangled Shore and purchase a good stockpile whenever the Glimmer cap is reached. Unfortunately, Spider may be selling Seraphite for Legendary Shards or he might not even be stocking any due to his rotating inventory. Players who wish to avoid dumping large amounts of currency for some planetary resources can also easily farm Seraphite of Mars.

Collecting a decent amount of Seraphite only requires an hour or two, at which point players will find they have enough to infuse several items. For maximum efficiency, players should try and acquire a Ghost Shell which has a Mars Resource Detector perk on it, which highlights all nearby Seraphite deposits.

A good idea is to begin by completing a Public Event, and while waiting for the next one to begin, run around collecting the Seraphite planetary resource nodes, opening chests, and killing high priority targets. The chests which are dropped from Public Events and targets often yield 4 or more Seraphite, making them an excellent farming option.

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