Destiny 2 Season of Dawn roadmap and end date

Take a look at what events are left in the Season of Dawn and when the end date will whisk this Vex-based season away forever.


Season of Dawn is the latest season of Destiny 2 and its roadmap is chock full of events. Though it did start at the end of 2019, there’s still plenty to look forward to as we approach its end date and anticipate the next season.

Season of Dawn roadmap

Season of Dawn kicked off on December 10, and since then a whole lot has happened. Players have saved Saint-14 through the Impossible Task quest and even unravelled the mysterious Corridors of Time. And yet more awaits over the next few weeks.

destiny 2 season of dawn roadmap
The Season of Dawn roadmap has a bit more juice left in the tank.

The next few events that are occurring in Season of Dawn are the Empyrean Foundation, a new boss in the Sundial, and the week-long Crimson Days event.

Not a lot is known about the Empyrean Foundation event, though it does involve the community offering up their Polarized Fractaline to power up an Obelisk in the Tower. If the community is able to hit specific milestones, in-game rewards will be unlocked. There’s also a Triumph and emblem for players that donate more than 5,000 of this season-specific resource.

destiny 2 empyrean foundation polarized fractaline emblem reward
If you are a bad enough dude to donate 5,000 Polarized Fractaline to the Tower Obelisk, you could get this emblem.

Crimson Days should be familiar to anyone that’s been around the Destiny franchise for a while. This Valentine’s Day special event offers a unique duos mode as well as plenty of cosmetics to earn. Whether the event will offer new experiences this year is yet to be seen.

Season of Dawn end date

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn end date
The Season of Dawn end date grows near, which means Saint-14 won't be your go-to guy anymore.

With all the talk of Season of Dawn comes the inevitable question: When is the Season of Dawn end date? While there are no specific dates listed on Bungie’s site, the Season Pass in-game actually tells players how many days are left in the season. This is great for those looking to cross everything off their list, but it’s also great for knowing when the next season starts.

As for an actual point in time, the Season of Dawn end date is March 10. This is actually the weekly reset, which is also when the new season is scheduled to begin. Unless of course Bungie decides to not start the new season as soon as the Season of Dawn comes to a close, which would be odd.

If you're looking for some activities to do between now and the end date, consider getting all of the Season of Dawn Ritual weapons as you might find a new favorite to add to your loadout. There are of course the previous season's Ritual weapons as well as a whole lot of Pinnacle weapons to chase.

Though the Season of Dawn end date is fast approaching, there’s still a bit left to see on the roadmap. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews and check out our comprehensive Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for literally everything you need to know about the game.

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