An Impossible Task quest guide - Destiny 2

An Impossible Task is one of many quests offered by Osiris in Destiny 2 as part of a questline to save Saint-14.


Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn focuses on Mercury, Osiris, and Saint-14, and one quest in particular brings all of these together: An Impossible Task. This is a rather lengthy quest with several hidden items as part of the step, Gather Vex Parts, but more on that below!

An Impossible Task – Gather Vex Parts

After completing Recovering the Past and Keeping Time, Osiris will offer players another quest called An Impossible Task. The first task on the list is to recover Vex parts by hunting down and destroying Vex transformers. These are hidden around Mercury, Nessus, and Io.

Mercury Vex parts

The first Vex part on Mercury is behind the lighthouse, attached to the wall up high.

Destiny 2 An Impossible Task Gather Vex Parts Mercury

The next part is on the eastern side of the patrol zone, out over near the far structure reserved for the Public Event

Mercury Vex Parts Destiny 2

Another part is on this same side, this time tucked down low behind part of the wall.

Destiny 2 Vex Parts Mercury

Over on the opposite side of the map is where you’ll locate this next Vex part. Jump down onto the rim of the area to find it tucked away.

Destiny 2 An Impossible Task Vex Parts

The last part is high above the Infinite Forest in the south.

Nessus Vex parts

Destiny 2 An Impossible Task Vex Parts Nessus

The first Vex part can be found in Artifact’s Edge, behind the spawn point.

Destiny 2 Vex Parts Nessus

The part in the Tangle is under the large tree.

Nessus Destiny 2 Vex Parts

Another Vex part is in the Hallows near the Public Event location, tucked into a little Vex block.

Destiny 2 Vex Parts Nessus An Impossible Task

The Exodus Black part is in the small cave to the right of spawn, floating in the air.

Vex Parts Nessus Destiny 2

The last Vex part is in the Glade of Echoes tucked under the wreckage.

Io Vex parts

Destiny 2 An Impossible Task Vex Parts Io

The first Vex part on Io can be found in the support limbs of the Pyramidion.

Destiny 2 Vex Parts Io

The next part is in the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector in The Rupture. As you climb the spiral, look to the left to spot a small cave. The Vex part is in the cave.

Destiny 2 Io Vex Parts

The Lost Oasis Vex part is under the main tree.

An Impossible Task Io Vex Parts

This next Vex part is difficult to find, as it’s deep in the Excavation Site II, accessed via the Giant’s Scar. Continue through the tunnels until you reach a small room with some equipment. Turn right to find a door jammed open, through it is the Vex part.

An Impossible Task Io Vex Parts Destiny 2

The last Vex part is in Terrabase Charon. As you pass through the open area and into the adjacent tunnel, look up to the right to spot the Vex part on the raised platform.

Big Vex Hunting

With the Vex parts found, the next step is to collect Vex Cores and Radiolarian Fluid by defeating challenging Vex and getting precision kills:

  • Collect 25 Vex cores
  • Collect 50 Radiolarian fluids

Use the Orrery Lost Sector in the Artifact’s Edge to clear this step quickly. Once this is done, return to Osiris.

Corridors of Time, Part 1

The next step in An Impossible Task is called Corridors of Time, Part 1. This has you fight through a new area in search of Saint-14.

Destiny 2 An Impossible Task Corridors of Time
Fight through the Corridors of Time to reach Saint-14.

Beside Osiris is a panel that must be activated to reach the Corridors of Time. Once inside, fight through each area, passing through the pyramid doorways that are open.

As you reach the next area, you will need to fight through waves of enemies in search of Saint. Kill all enemies in an area to progress further.

When you reach Saint-14, clear the area by taking down the boss Servitor and then the Fallen Walker. If you get overrun, fall back to Saint’s Ward of Dawn. When the fight is over, you will need to return to Osiris.

This brings the quest, An Impossible Task, to a close. The next available quest is called Completing an Impossible Task and it follows on immediately after. Be sure to check out the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more walkthroughs for Season of Dawn and weapon breakdowns.

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