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There lies one more quest before Saint-14 is saved in Destiny 2 and it's called Completing an Impossible Task.


Season of Dawn introduced Destiny 2 players to a timeline where Saint-14 might be saved, and it all culminates with the quest, Completing an Impossible Task. Though this quest is short, there are a few tricky locations to visit that aren’t especially clear from looking at the map.

Completing an Impossible Task

After finishing An Impossible Task, this next quest will become available. Simply called, Completing an Impossible Task, this quest line has players finally saving Saint-14 from his fate on Mercury. The first step is Open a Gateway, which requires planting six transponders on Nessus.

The Cistern

Destiny 2 Completing an Impossible Task transponder The Cistern

The transponder planting spot is found out in the radiolarian fluid. Travel out to the block in the middle and jump up to find the circle.

The Tangle

Destiny 2 Completing an Impossible Task transponder The Tangle

To find the transponder spot in the Tangle, go to the entrance to the Strike, The Insight Terminus, which is down in the canyon. Continue through the tunnel until you reach the open cavern. Jump across the gap and look toward the cliff edge to find the spot.

Watcher’s Grave

Destiny 2 Completing an Impossible Task transponder Watcher's Grave

This next transponder spot is to the left of the arena, over near the edge.


Destiny 2 Completing an Impossible Task transponder Hallows

The transponder circle is overlooking the sphere where the Public Event takes place.

Exodus Black

Destiny 2 Completing an Impossible Task transponder Exodus Black

The next transponder spot is atop the plateau near the fast travel point in the Exodus Black area.

Chamber of Water

Destiny 2 Completing an Impossible Task transponder Chamber of Water

To locate the last transponder, start at the Watcher’s Grave fast travel point, go to the right and through the Vex portal. Continue through the cavern until you reach the area that opens out to the view. The transponder location is right near the edge.

Saint’s Ghost

Destiny 2 Completing An Impossible Task Saint's Ghost
Look for the crack in the wall near the spawn point in the Cistern.

The next step is to find Saint-14’s ghost by accessing a Vex network. Start by spawning in at the Cistern near the Pools of Luminance. Continue forward and look to the right-hand side to spot a gap in the wall, pass through this gap to head toward the Lost Fuselage area.

Fight through the Vex cavern until you reach an open area with radiolarian fluid and a conflux up the back. Scan the conflux and then jump through the Vex gate at the opposite side. Collect the ghost and then return to Osiris.

Recharging the Sundial

Osiris needs to charge the Sundial. To do this, you will need to collect Light by defeating Guardians in Crucible, getting kills with your Super, and collecting Orbs of Light.

  • 25 Guardian kills
  • 25 Super ability kills
  • 25 Orbs of Light collected

Jump into a few games of Crucible to get the 25 kills and then shift to PVE activities, or stick to Crucible if you’re having fun. The best idea is to go to a Lost Sector and use a Masterworked weapon to generate your own Orbs of Light and use a Public Event flag to get your Super. Return to Osiris when completed.

Corridors of Time, Part 2 – Back to the Past

Destiny 2 Agioktis Martyr Mind
The fight again Agioktis, Martyr Mind requires killing powerful Minotaurs to get the Arc charges they drop in order to damage the boss.

Enter the Corridors of Time once more by interacting with the panel beside Osiris. Fight through the Corridors until you reach the future version of Mercury. Here you will need to defeat a Vex mind called Martyr Mind. This is a multi-stage fight where you must deal damage to the boss, then defeat a mini boss that drops an Arc charge. Take the charge to the receptacle to allow you to damage the boss again. Repeat this until the boss is defeated.

Open the Gate

The next step is to open the Infinite Forest to allow Saint-14 to return to the present. Clear the hostiles and then approach the gate. After the cutscene, you will need to return to Osiris for the step, Journey’s End. At this point the quest, Completing an Impossible Task, will be finished and Saint-14 will make his way to the Tower.

Now that Completing an Impossible Task is finished and Saint-14 is saved, you can focus on more pressing matters, like solving the Corridors of Time puzzle. Take a moment to look over the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more detailed quest coverage.

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