Where to farm Alkane Dust in Destiny 2

The best ways to collect enough Alkane Dust to infuse armor and weapons.


Recent changes to Destiny 2 in the lead up to Forsaken have shaken up a lot of core mechanics, one of which is infusing gear. Players will now find that weapons and armor require planetary materials to be infused, and one which can be a bit elusive is Alkane Dust. Farming up a good supply of Alkane Dust is critical, especially with so many new weapons on offer.

Where to farm Alkane Dust

Alkane Dust is a naturally occurring planetary resource found on the moon, Titan. Tracking down enough Alkane to infuse a piece of armor or a weapon can be tough given how difficult they can be to find, and to make matters worse, the new infusion system requires ten pieces. Thankfully, there are several ways to gather Alkane Dust:

  • Collect from the ground
  • Loot planetary chests
  • Complete Public Events
  • Defeat high priority targets
  • Purchase from Spider in the Tangled Shore

Farming up a good supply of Alkane Dust isn’t too difficult, and only an hour or two will yield a decent stockpile. Players should keep an eye out for Ghost Shells that have the Titan Resource Detector, as this will highlight nearby nodes, making it easy to spot them while running between Public Events or while killing high priority targets. The chests that spawn after a target is killed usually drop 4 Alkane Dust, so they're worth hunting down wherever possible.

Another method is to locate an Alkane Dust node close to a loading zone. Collect the Alkane and run through the loading zone, and then back to the planetary node. Doing this fast enough prevents the Alkane Dust from despawning and “refreshes” the node allowing it to be gathered again. Repeat this method until enough has been collected or until the node stops working.

Of course, out of all these methods, players can simply visit Spider in the Tangled Shore and slap down some piles of Glimmer or Legendary Shards for a few stacks of Alkane Dust (provided he's selling it). 

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