Intruder Alert Seasonal Challenge - Destiny 2

Learn how to complete the Intruder Alert Seasonal Challenge in Destiny 2.


The Intruder Alert Seasonal Challenge in Destiny 2 is easy enough to understand but can be rather challenging to complete. For those players that can’t quite get it to work, we’re here to help guide you through the process of ensuring Ghost isn’t interrupted during the Battlegrounds. Let’s dive into what this looks like.

Intruder Alert seasonal challenge

destiny 2 intruder alert seasonal challenge
The Intruder Alert Seasonal Challenge requires you defend Ghost, ensuring he never gets interrupted.

For Week 4 of Season of the Chosen, there is a Seasonal Challenge called Intruder Alert. This challenge asks players to complete the following task: Don’t allow opponents to interrupt Ghost in Battlegrounds missions. Now, this is only really possible if Ghost is doing something and needs defending, which only takes place in the Oracle Battlegrounds on Nessus.

destiny 2 intruder alert nessus oracle battleground
This is possible during the Oracle Battleground on Nessus.

To complete the Intruder Alert challenge, load up Nessus and launch the Oracle Battlegrounds. You can try your luck at the Battlegrounds playlist, but that cycles through all available locations, so it isn't recommended.

Once you arrive on Nessus, work your way down into the caverns where the Vex conflux is, being sure to clear out the enemies. When the enemies are clear, have Ghost begin the process of tracing. You will receive a new direction to Defend Ghost while the trace progress ticks up. At this point, you will need to be hyper vigilant at defending the central area.

During this phase, you want to be looking out for Disruptor Psions. Before they spawn, a message will appear on-screen saying “A Disruptor has entered the arena!” at this point you will need to look out for the Psion. Thankfully, it will be marked by a diamond waypoint so you can easily find and defeat it as quickly as possible. Use your Heavy ammo, a Sniper Rifle, or even your Super if you need to. The goal is to defeat it as soon as it spawns. One Disruptor will spawn, then another by itself, then finally two will spawn at once.

destiny 2 intruder alert disruptor psion
Look out for the on-screen warning message and then look for the waypoint marking the Disruptor Psion.

Between taking down the Psion Disruptors, you will also need to clear out any enemies that pop up. Though we haven’t confirmed it yet, these regular enemies may or may not interrupt Ghost. Regardless, the benefit of taking down these enemies is that they can drop Barrier Passcode Fragments, which will help speed up Ghost’s tracing.

All the Cabal enemies spawn at set points on one side of the map. There are a couple of enemy doors so make sure you spread your Fireteam among them. There is also a raised section towards the area, forming a kind of ramp – a Disruptor will always come walking down there at some point.

destiny 2 intruder alert
As soon as the phase is over you will receive one mark. You can finish the Battleground or start it again to get the second mark, at which point you will see the completion message come up.

When Ghost reaches 100%—provided no enemies interrupted him—and finishes, you will get a mark on the Intruder Alert Seasonal Challenge. This will happen the moment the defense phase ends. If you do not get a mark, something went wrong and Ghost was interrupted. You can simply go to Orbit and load back in to try it again. This challenge is obviously easier with a Fireteam you can communicate with rather than a random players.

The Intruder Alert Seasonal Challenge in Destiny 2 is a tough one to earn. You need to be hyper focused on taking out the Disruptor Psions and defending Ghost from all nearby enemies. Work together with your Fireteam and hold off against the onslaught of enemies to get this one completed. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide page for more helpful tips to get you through the season.

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