How to get Vestiges of Dread - Destiny 2

Season of the Haunted asks players to farm a lot of Vestiges of Dread, a new type of currency in Destiny 2.


Vestiges of Dread is the new resource introduced to Destiny 2 with Season of the Haunted. This material is used during the Nightmare Containment to “bind maligned presences” and is required to progress the weekly mission, Bound in Sorrow. You’ll need a lot of this currency if you’re to make good progress, so here’s how to go about farming Vestiges of Dread.

Note that if you're playing after Season of the Haunted, you must collect the Legacy: Nightmare Harvester from the H.E.L.M. to keep earning Vestiges of Dread.

How to get Vestiges of Dread

The first time you encounter Vestiges of Dread will be after you complete Operation: Midas and begin the Bound in Sorrow questline as part of the Season of the Haunted campaign. Step 1 will ask you to collect 500 Vestiges of Dread, which initially feels like a lot.

destiny 2 bound in sorrow 500 vestiges of dread
The first step in Bound in Sorrow wants you to collect 500 Vestiges of Dread.

To quickly and easily farm up Vestiges of Dread, you should head to the Derelict Leviathan, specifically the Castellum, and start doing patrols. While you’re doing patrols, look out for chests you can loot and High Value Targets to defeat (which will also drop chests). Meanwhile, participate in any Nightmare Containment events that are happening.

If you grow tired of roaming around the Leviathan, jump into some playlist activities. Things like Strikes and Crucible will earn you a decent supply of Vestiges and will also help you with powerful rewards and Pinnale advancement so you can hit the max Power for the season.

destiny 2 vestiges of dread cap
Make sure you're not at maximum Vestiges of Dread in your inventory.

In the event you’re not getting any Vestiges of Dread to drop, make sure you’re not at capacity in your inventory. This is a common problem in some seasons. You may need to discard the entire stack (or use it up in the Nightmare Containment event) to start earning more.

Collecting and farming up a good supply of Vestiges of Dread will take a little bit of effort in Destiny 2. This new currency doesn’t drop in huge quantities, but with about 20 minutes of gameplay, you’ll find you’re hitting the important numbers needed to progress quest tasks. Check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help during Season of the Haunted.

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