How to unlock Stasis Supers and abilities - Destiny 2

Increase your killing potential in Destiny 2 by unlocking and upgrading the new Stasis Supers and abilities for each class.


Destiny 2: Beyond Light adds entirely new Stasis Supers to player’s repertoire of dealing with the Darkness. For those that are starting up and looking to find the fun, unlocking the new Stasis abilities as soon as possible will be something worth hard-focusing. Here’s what you need to do to unlock Stasis Supers and upgrade the new Stasis abilities.

How to unlock Stasis Supers and upgrade abilities

Most players will no doubt expect to have access to the new Stasis Super and abilities right at the start of Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In order to unlock the Stasis Supers and abilities, players must first complete the Beyond Light campaign. Once this is done, it’s possible to upgrade Stasis with Aspects and new ability types.

destiny 2 unlock stasis super
The new Stasis Super (Darkness Subclass) will unlock at the very end of the Beyond Light campaign.

This method of acquiring a new Super is something entirely different. Previously, players were given the new abilities rather quickly, with the only thing that takes time being acquiring the skills. While Stasis doesn’t officially unlock until the end of the story, the campaign will give you several opportunities to use it, specifically when communing with a Crux of Darkness.

destiny 2 upgrade stasis
After unlock the Stasis Supers, you will be able to unlock and upgrade more Stasis abilities through the Exo Stranger's quests.

But the process of unlocking Stasis abilities doesn’t end there. When the campaign is done, you won’t have access to every single Stasis ability, just the basic ones. From here, you will need to complete the Exo Stranger’s quests in order to unlock different grenade types as well as the new Aspects. These quests are called Born of Darkness and Aspect of Control.

For the Aspect of Control quest, you will need to unlock Salvation’s Grip and then find and destroy Entropic Shards around Europa. This means there’s a bit of work to do before you can fully unlock all Stasis abilities.

With the new Stasis Supers and abilities unlocked in Destiny 2, you can start wielding this space crystal against your foes. Be sure to spend some time looking over the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide, as it’s here you’ll find a lot of useful resources including collectible guides.

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