Where to find Eva Levante in Destiny 2

Eva Levante is Destiny 2's special event vendor, meaning it can be easy to forget her location or where to find her.


Eva Levante is Destiny 2’s special event vendor, making her a rare character in the game. It’s often months between her appearances and she’s only around for a brief time, so it’s only natural to forget where to find her or where Eva Levante is located in the game.

Where to find Eva Levante

Whenever there is a special, limited time event in Destiny 2, there’s a good chance you’ll need to drop by Eva Levante. Thankfully, finding Eva Levante is incredibly simple, as she’s located in the Tower. Load up the Tower via the Director and look at the map. She can most often be found in the Courtyard, though she has been known to be in the Bazaar, standing by the railing to the left of Ikora Rey.

destiny 2 where to find Eva Levante
Eva Levante can be found in the Courtyard of the Tower, right near where you load in.

Events like Festival of the Lost or the Revelry will often have special bounties and rewards. These bounties often don’t make sense to be included in another vender’s stock, which is why Eva will often come in to host these events.

Most of the time the bounties offered by Eva Levante are relatively easy to complete. During the Revelry, most of Eva’s bounties involved killing enemies and completing activities. Sometimes you must complete a task before Eva actually offers any bounties. Make sure you use any item she gives you while you’re still in the Tower and near her to avoid situations where you return to Orbit, use the item, and realize the next step is to speak with her.

It’s good to see Eva Levante being utilized in Destiny 2 after her long hiatus. She’s come a long way since selling shaders and the odd emblem back in the days of the original Destiny.

Given that vendors rarely move from one location to another (Xur being the only exception, and the Vanguard's shift from the Farm to the Tower), there’s a good chance that this will be Eva Levante’s location for good. For more helpful guides and other general reminders, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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