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Learn about the Reveler's Tonic, Reveler's Essence, the Verdant Forest and the many Triumphs that come with the Revelry, Destiny 2's latest in-game event.


The Revelry is the latest event in Destiny 2, giving players a chance to celebrate spring, life, and all things in bloom. With eleven triumphs to complete, a new armor set to unlock, the Verdant Forest to explore, and the Arbalest linear fusion rifle to buy, there’s plenty to do in this three week event.

The Revelry 2019

The Revelry is a limited-time event in Destiny 2, hosted by Eva Levante from the Bazaar in the Tower. Players who participate will receive a Reveler’s Tonic item from Eva, as well as a few Reveler’s Essence to get the fun started. Use the links below to skip to a specific section:

The Revelry Destiny 2
Go to the Tower and speak with Eva Levante to begin the Revelry.

Over the course of the three week event, players can complete Eva Levante’s bounties to receive special themed armor sets, a unique emblem, and even a new Exotic weapon – the Arbalest linear fusion rifle. While it’s entirely possible to collect the important items within a single sitting (the Exotic weapon and an armor set), those that want to do it all will need to play every day for roughly 10 days.

When does the Revelry 2019 end?

The Revelry event in Destiny 2 ends on May 7, which is reset day. This means you have roughly three weeks to complete all the triumphs and collect a full set of armor for your collection. Thankfully, the Arbalest linear fusion rifle is reasonably easy to collect, so you shouldn’t worry about potentially missing out.

The Revelry 2019 Triumphs

Revelry Triumphs Destiny 2
There are eleven triumphs to complete during the Revelry, the longest of which requires 50 Revelry bounties to be completed.

There are eleven triumphs for players to complete during the Revelry. While you can still enjoy the event without focusing on the triumphs, there is a reward associated for completing seven and a bonus prize for finishing them all.

  • Party Harder: Complete all Revelry 2019 Triumphs
  • Party Hard: Complete any seven Revelry 2019 Triumphs
  • Spring Cleaning: Clear 50 simulation branches in the Verdant Forest
  • Verdant Light: Competitive: During the Revelry 2019, generate 200 Orbs of Light in the Crucible or Gambit while affected by Revelric Light
  • Verdant Light: Cooperative: During the Revelry 2019, generate 200 Orbs of Light in strikes or raids while affected by Revelric Light
  • Verdant Light: Events: During the Revelry 2019, generate Orbs of Light in the Verdant Forest or in any Black Armory forge while affected by Revelric Light
  • Spring Hunt: During the Revelry 2019, defeat three bosses in one run of the Verdant Forest
  • Budding Fashion: During the Revelry 2019, defeat 20 bosses in the Verdant Forest while wearing at least four pieces of the Inaugural Revelry armor set
  • Super Celebratory: During the Revelry 2019, defeat 150 enemies using Super abilities in any activity
  • Fireworks!: During the Revelry 2019, land 100 grenade final blows in the Crucible, Gambit, or strikes
  • Melee Mayhem: During the Revelry 2019, land 100 melee final blows on enemies in the Verdant Forest, and Black Armory forge, or in raids
  • A Bountiful Spring: Complete a total of 50 bounties for Eva Levante during the Revelry, daily and weekly bounties count

Party Hard Triumph

Party Hard Destiny 2
To unlock Arbalest, you must complete the Party Hard triumph.

The Party Hard triumph is the main goal players will be trying to complete during the Revelry. Upon completing this triumph, you will be eligible to purchase the Arbalest Exotic linear fusion rifle from Eva Levante.

To complete the Party Hard triumph, you must complete 7 of the Revelry triumphs. Luckily, all of these triumphs are pretty easy to finish. However, it could be worth avoiding Verdant Light: Competitive and A Bountiful Spring, as these require playing Crucible and finishing 50 bounties, two tasks which could be frustrating or take a while.

Most of the other bounties simply require you to generate Orbs of Light using the Revelric Light buff while playing in specific activites.

What is Revelric Light?

Revelric Light Destiny 2
Revelric Light is a buff included in the Revelry which offers a chance of more Orbs of Light being generated on precision kills.

Revelric Light is a new character buff introduced while the Revelry event is active. Revelric Light gives players a chance to spawn multiple Orbs of Light when killing enemies in a specific way. 

A lot of the triumphs and bounties in the Revelry require players to generate Orbs of Light while under the effect of Revelric Light. In order to receive the Revelric Light buff, simply load up the activity which the triumph specifies.

For example, the Verdant Light: Cooperative triumph requires the generation of Orbs of Light in raids or strikes. Load up a raid or strike and then look at your character and hover over the buffs to find one that says “Revelric Light”. Read the buff and see how Revelric Light affects you. This buff should always apply to precision kills. What this means is that to complete Verdant Light: Cooperative triumph, you must use the precision kill buff from the Revelric Light to make the Orbs of Light.

Verdant Forest

Verdant Forest Destiny 2
The Verdant Forest is similar to the Haunted Forest from Fesitval of the Lost, though it has a few differences.

The Verdant Forest is a friendlier take on the Festival of the Lost’s Haunted Forest. Players will need to fight through “branches” of the Verdant Forest while a timer continually ticks down. The one change from the Haunted Forest is that there aren’t boss levels along the way. Players will only be able to fight a boss once the timer hits zero.

To access the Verdant Forest, select the Tower from the Director and then look for the blue flag and crown symbol on the middle of the map. Select it to launch the Verdant Forest.

Reveler’s Tonic

Revelers Tonic Destiny 2
The Reveler's Tonic is an item used during the Revelry to buff class abilities, grenades, and melee recharge times.

The Reveler’s Tonic is a special item given by Eva Levante upon talking to her for the first time during the Revelry. This item can be used to buff your class ability, grenade, and melee to make them recharge at an extremely fast rate.

To use the Reveler’s Tonic, open your inventory and inspect it. Hover over the slot to see the three available buffs:

  • Proud: Class Ability Boost
  • Energetic: Grenade Boost
  • Friendly: Melee Boost

These buffs each cost 50 Reveler’s Essence to activate. Once activated, a buff lasts for one hour and the selected ability will recharge at a significantly faster rate. You can only have one of these buffs active at a time.

What buff you choose will depend entirely on your preferred playstyle. Most people will opt for the Energetic boost, as being able to throw more grenades is extremely powerful in both PVE and Crucible. However, Hunter’s will love the near-infinite dodges provided by the Proud tonic and Warlock’s using Sunbracer’s will enjoy the synergy offered by the Friendly tonic.

While the buff is extremely powerful by itself, its power will be increased as you equip more Inaugural Revelry or Vernal Growth armor pieces. With a full set of armor and a tonic activated, the recharge rate of your selected ability will be a little bit ridiculous.

Reveler’s Essence

Revelers Essence Destiny 2
Reveler's Essence in Destiny 2 drops from many sources during the Revelry, but it's most common from the chests at the end of the Verdant Forest.

Reveler’s Essence is a new consumable limited to the Revelry event. This consumable is used to activate the Reveler’s Tonic buffs as well as purchase the Arbalest linear fusion rifle from Eva Levante.

Most activities during the Revelry reward Reveler’s Essence. Completing public events, patrols, strikes and nightfalls, defeating bosses and opening up chests in the Verdant Forest all reward small amounts of the consumable. Be sure to pick up all of Eva Levante’s bounties, as the daily ones reward 25 Reveler’s Essence.

There’s a whole lot to do during Destiny 2’s Revelry 2019 event. For those with limited time or who just want to get the Arbalest, just focus on getting seven of the triumphs completed and then grind out the required Reveler’s Essence. If you’ve got the Fireteam, the Verdant Forest is probably the best activity to play during the Revelry. Check out Shacknews’ Destiny 2 strategy guide, where we breakdown Exotic weapons, provide thorough raid guides, and post in-depth walkthroughs and farming guides.

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