Where is the Verdant Forest in Destiny 2?

Learn where to find the Verdant Forest in Destiny 2, a new area included in the Revelry event.


The Verdant Forest in Destiny 2 is a new activity included in the Revelry spring event. Players who complete “branches” of the Verdant Forest will be rewarded with extra time to defeat the end bosses. While most players know that the Infinite Forest is accessed via Mercury, that’s not how you’ll find the location of the Verdant Forest.

Where to find the Verdant Forest

Though the Verdant Forest is technically on Mercury, it is actually accessed via the Tower. To launch the Verdant Forest and get to completing Eva Levante’s bounties, open the Director and select the Tower. With the map of the Tower open, look at the top of the screen to see a blue banner with a white crown – this is the Verdant Forest activity.

Verdant Forest location Destiny 2
The Verdant Forest activity node is found in the Tower, not on Mercury like you might assume.

From here, you can select the Verdant Forest and then choose what version you want to play. There are two to choose from, The Verdant Forest and Firewalled Verdant Forest. The first option, Verdant Forest, is the version where matchmaking is enabled, allowing you to join others or have other players join you. The second option prevents matchmaking, which is helpful if you play with a team where someone tends to dropout and you don’t want to get back-filled or if you want to attempt it solo.

After selecting the version of the Verdant Forest you wish to play, simply hit the launch button and you will be taken directly into the activity. From this point onwards, you will have a limited amount of time to clear each room or “branch” as they’re called in-game. Every branch you clear will give you more time during the boss fight at the end.

The location of the Verdant Forest isn’t exactly clear. While some players know it’s located on Mercury, it cannot actually be accessed via Brother Vance’s stomping ground. To find the Verdant Forest, just look to the Tower! For more helpful tips, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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