Where to get a Charge of Light in Destiny 2

Get your hands on the Charge of Light consumable to participate in the Blind Well event in the Dreaming City.


The Dreaming City introduces a whole new world of mystery for players who manage to finish the Forsaken campaign and the Blind Well is one of the most enigmatic. Players who wish to participate in the various tiered challenges of the Blind Well will need to get their hands on a Charge of Light, preferably a mixture of all tiers.

Where to get a Charge of Light

The Charge of Light, tiers 1 through 3, can be purchased from Petra Venj in the Dreaming City. Each tier will cost more Dark Fragments than the last, so make sure you earn a lot of Dark Fragments so you can stockpile a decent amount of Charges of Light.

  • Charge of Light – Tier 1 – 5 Dark Fragments
  • Charge of Light – Tier 2 – 13 Dark Fragments
  • Charge of Light – Tier 3 – 20 Dark Fragments

It’s also worth noting that completing a Blind Well event typically rewards a Charge of Light, so if there are other players attempting the Blind Well, join in on the action. Completing the Blind Well is useful, especially if players want to unlock the other subclass paths.

There is an alternative to purchasing a Charge of Light from Petra Venj. Players can also trade 25 Baryon Boughs with the Muninn skull in the temple below Rheasilvia. This area is not simple to reach, as it is far in the north and deep below the cavern city.

Finally, the chests in Lost Sectors in the Dreaming City have a chance at rewarding Charges of Light. This last method is ideal for players who don’t want to spend their Dark Fragments or those who don’t want to spend their Baryon Boughs.

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