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Where to find the actions figures for the They're Not Dolls Triumph in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2: Lightfall includes action figures for players to find and collect for the Triumph, They’re Not Dolls. This is one of the required Triumphs to unlock the Lightfall Title, Virtual Fighter. The action figures are slowly unlocked over time, meaning if you’re playing at launch, you’ll need to come back each week to find more.

All action figures – They’re Not Dolls

There are nine action figures to find for the Triumph, They’re Not Dolls. A lot of these figurines are in the far-flung corners of Neomuna, so anticipate spending a bit of time tracking to the corners of the map to unlock them. A few are also locked behind puzzles.

Ahimsa Park

A map of Ahimsa Park where the first action figure is found

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The first action figure can be found in Ahimsa Park, through a tunnel on the eastern side of the area, below a set of stairs.

The road that leads to the action figure in Ahimsa Park

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From Striders’ Gate, head toward Ahimsa Park. As you enter, Calus’ ship will be on the left. Follow the road down below ground and take a right into the lower level of the building. Behind the rock pond is a set of stairs – go below the stairs to find the figurine.

Irkalla Complex

A map of Irkalla Complex where the action figure is found

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This next action figure is in Irkalla Complex, the area where you defended the vault with Caiatl during the Lightfall campaign. This action figure requires shooting three hidden darkness nodes.

The path from Zephyr Concourse to Esi Terminal

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From Striders’ Gate, go right and head toward Zephyr Concourse. Go to the western side of the area and enter the building that has the blocks out the front that prevent your sparrow from passing through. Follow these hallways along to reach Esi Terminal.

The balcony near a painting of a blue eye

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The darkness portal that leads to Irkalla Complex

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When you reach Esi Terminal, turn left and jump up onto the balcony with the huge blue eye painting on the wall. Go through the door, stick to the right, and run through to the next area where you must jump down the balconies to the Irkalla Complex. There will be a darkness portal – go through it.

The path up to the three gun turrets

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The darkness node that appears when standing on the turrets
It's extremely hard to see, but standing on the end of the gun turret and matching its angle spawns a darkness node. Destroy each gun's node to spawn the action figure.
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You’ll now be at the Irkalla Complex. Climb up onto the main wall to where the three guns point out at the city. Walk to the tip of each gun and aim where they are. After a second, a darkness node will spawn – destroy it. Do this on top of each turret to spawn the action figure. A message will appear saying, “A secret is revealed…”

Zephyr Concourse

A map showing how to get to Zephyr Concourse

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You’ll find another action figure at the bar in Zephyr’s Concourse. It may already be there when you arrive. If not, you’ll need to stand behind the bar, interact with the datapad, and defend the bar against an onslaught of Cabal.

The Zephyr Concourse bar on Neomuna
There will be a datapad on the bar or the action figure might already be there.
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There will be Cabal Patrons, Belligerent Patrons, and a Rampaging Patron. None must reach the bar. If you succeed in defending the bar an on-screen message will appear saying, “A secret is revealed…” and the action figure will appear on the whiskey shelf.

Maya’s Retreat

A map showing how to get to Maya's Retreat

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This next action figure is in Maya’s Retreat, the area to the right of Liming Harbor. Find and light three massive bowls hidden around the area, do this by interacting with them.

The location of the three bowls in Maya's Retreat that spawn the action figures

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As you reach Maya’s Retreat, work your way across the bridges and up the stairs to the caverns etched into the wall. The first bowl is in the highest cave hole, defended by a Vex Hydra and some other minions.

The second bowl is in the lower cave, accessed by leaving the first and dropping down to the right. Alternatively, go back to the stairs, face the wall, and jump out to the platform on the left that’s slightly lower down. See it marked in the image above with an arrow pointing at 2.

The last bowl is further along the cliff from the previous bowl. You’ll need to jump across the gap using a Strand Grapple, a sword lunge, or some other means. When all three are ignited, the action figure will spawn near the last one you light.

Esi Terminal

The map of Zephyr Concourse and Esi Terminal
Travel to Esi Terminal from Zephyr Concourse.
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Another action figure can be found in Esi Terminal, in a restaurant to the right of the blue eye painting. Travel from Zephyr Concourse toward Esi Terminal. When you reach the area, go left toward the painting of the blue eye and then down the alleyway on the right. Enter the building through the door on your left.

The painting of the blue eye on Esi Terminal with an arrow pointing down the alleyway to the right

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Once inside, go into a backroom and interact with the sink. You will now need to collect orbs and place them in the sink while avoiding immune Sous Chefs. The action figure will spawn on the sink when the last bloom is deposited.

Liming Harbor

An arrow pointing to the building in Liming Harbor

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The action figure spawning on the desk in Liming Harbor

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This action figure is found in Liming Harbor, in the center building. From the fast travel point, travel forward and into the gulley area with the pillars. Go inside the building and interact with the datapad on the desk. You must now defend the location from Mischievous Miscreant, Troublemaking Thieves, Rabble-Rousers, and Scandal Seekers. Clear them out before they reach you and the action figure will spawn on the desk.

Striders' Gate

The shooting range arcade game in Striders' Gate

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Find this action figure in Striders' Gate in the room where you store the figurines. This is off the edge to the right of Nimbus. Go through the door, turn right, interact with the arcade cabinet, and then complete the game. You must shoot all the explosive barrels before the timer runs out (indicated by the diamonds). Shoot any diamonds that appear to extend your time limit. When finished, you’ll teleport out and the prize will be on the cabinet.

Typhon Imperator

A map showing the Typhon Imperator

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Make your way through the Typhon Imperator in Ahimsa Park to the very end. It's a bit of a chore to get through, as the path is winding in requires jumping up into holes in the roof and ceiling. When you do reach the end room (where you dunked orbs during the campaign and Caiatl came to your rescue), defeat the enemies and climb up the platform on the right.

A vex cube in the Typhon Imperator

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Activate the canopic jar to spawn a Vex cube. Quickly collect each Vex cube that spawns. The cubes circle the room and the finish line will have the action figure.


The generator in Radiosonde seen in the mission, Breakneck

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This action figure is in the Radiosonde tower in Liming Harbor. Make your way through the building as you would for the mission, Breakneck. Continue until you reach the last generator room. Activate the generator and then face the wall. A series of lights will appear in a sequence, the dials on the machine must be shot matching the sequence.

Buttons on a wall with numbers indicating the order to shoot them

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Where to put the action figures

The building where you place the action figures
Drop down from the balcony near Nimbus and enter the building below to place the action figures.
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Once you have an action figure, you must place it in a special spot to unlock the Triumph. From Nimbus’ fast travel point, drop down to the right to the lower building. Go through the door at the top to enter a room with some arcade machines, gym equipment, and couches. Interact with the highlighted spots to place an action figure.

Collecting all the action figures for the They’re Not Dolls Triumph will take a bit of work. If you’re playing at launch, you’ll need to come back each week. Alternatively, wait until they’re all available and get them done in one go. Check out our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more help with unlocking everything Lightfall has to offer.

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