Trigger the Heroic Warsat Down Public Event in Destiny 2

Learn to turn the Warsat Down public event into the heroic version in Destiny 2.


One of the coolest things that Bungie introduced in Destiny 2 was heroic public events. Not only did these activities ramp up the difficulty, but once upon a time they also provided a fair amount of exotic rewards. With the Warmind DLC dropping this week, Bungie introduced a new public event on Mars, Warsat Down. Here’s how to trigger the heroic variation.

Heroic Warsat Down Public Event

When the Warsat Down activity begins it will be a regular public event. One Guardian must approach the Warsat and interact with it to begin, then a circle will appear on the ground around the device. The idea is to stay in the circle until the counter reaches 100 percent, completing the vent. This method, however, doesn’t trigger the heroic variation.

While defending the Warsat against swarms of enemies, notice that three closed Shriekers will sit idle in the area. At a certain point two yellow-bar Hive Wizards will appear. Kill those two Wizards and one of the Shriekers will open, allowing Guardians to destroy it. As the event continues there will be two more sets of two Hive Wizards spawning in, and the same process must be repeated; kill both Wizards and then quickly take down the Shrieker. Once all three Shriekers are down, the activity will transition to a Warsat Down heroic public event. Be careful, though, standing in the circle for too long could complete the event before it turns heroic. Don’t be afraid to step outside.

The heroic modifier for this event sees a Hive Ogre spawn in, and this dude has some serious health, at least when you’re only 246 Power and not near the new max Power level. Focus his critical weakness (the spot he shoots his beam from) with other Guardians. Once the Ogre falls the rest of the enemies will soon de-spawn, and the reward chest will drop from the sky for looting. Guardians that have progressed beyond the main Warmind story missions and first world quests should also receive a Resonate Stem or a Rasputin Armory Code for their troubles.

Armed with the knowledge of how to turn the Warsat Down public event heroic, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more information on how to be a top-notch Guardian.

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