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Get your loadout ready for Destiny 2's sunsetting by farming some Season of Arrivals god roll weapons.


Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals brings more god roll weapons for players to chase. With great batches of guns being sunset next season, picking up some new and powerful gear will be a top priority. As with previous weapon recommendations, the Season of Arrivals god rolls will come down to personal preference. What works for others may not work for you. Let’s talk weapons.

Season of Arrivals god rolls

Season of Arrivals is an important moment in Destiny 2. While there are new weapons to chase, it also marks the moment before sunsetting, whereby weapons can no longer be brought up to maximum Power. To this end, getting a good collection of weapons that have a high Power cap is critical.

As of next season, weapons like The Mountaintop and The Recluse will be locked at Power 1060, meaning they’re obsolete in end-game activities where Power matters. While there are quite a few weapons in Season of Arrivals, we’re just going to focus on finding weapons to replace our old favorites.

Cold Denial

destiny 2 season of arrivals god rolls cold denial

One of the greatest new additions to Destiny 2 with Season of Arrivals is Cold Denial. This high-impact Pulse Rifle benefits from some recent buffs while also boasting appealing perks. Keep an eye out for a Cold Denial with one of the following perk combos:

  • Smallbore, Ricochet Rounds, Killing Wind and Swashbuckler
  • Smallbore, Ricochet Rounds, Feeding Frenzy and Multikill Clip

For the barrel and magazine perks, Smallbore and Ricochet Rounds will give a nice bump to range and stability, ensuring the Pulse Rifle doesn't buck too wildly. 

Killing Wind increases mobility, weapon range, and handling while Swashbuckler increases its damage. These work in conjunction to increase the effectiveness of Cold Denial, making it a monster in Crucible.

Feeding Frenzy will boost your reload speed while Multikill Clip will push out your damage. This is really good for PVE content but also viable in Crucible.

Falling Guillotine

destiny 2 season of arrivals god rolls falling guillotine

Falling Guillotine is the new boss DPS weapon. With the right perk setup, you can keep Heavy ammo coming in while dishing out tons of damage. There are a couple of decent perks, but the main ones you want are:

  • Jagged Edge, Burst Guard, Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind Blade

Relentless Strikes gives you Sword ammo after hitting three times in a row. This will ensure you aren’t relying solely on Heavy ammo drops. Whirlwind Blade, on the other hand, increases the sword damage after rapid hits. Together, these will bump up Falling Guillotine’s damage. Keep an eye out for the Jagged Edge for the blade trait, you’ll lose ammo but make up for it with Impact damage. Throw a Boss Spec mod in here for good measure. For the Guard, it's dealers choice, but Burst Guard seems to be a good option.

Death Adder

destiny 2 season of arrivals god rolls death adder

No one wanted to say goodbye to The Recluse, but we have to. Thankfully, we have Death Adder, which at least looks and handles a bit like The Recluse. Unfortunately, no perk is every going to replace the might of Master of Arms and Death Adder doesn’t have a lot of great options.

  • Polygonal Rifling, Tactical Mag, Feeding Frenzy and Quickdraw

Neither of these perks will boost your damage, but they are the gold standard according to The only other perk you might want to consider is Dragonfly, as it will at least offer a bit more damage to surrounding enemies. As for the barrel and magazine, the goal here is to make this thing laser-focused and Polygonal Rifling helps achieve this. Alternatively, go for something that will push out the range, like Full Bore, which makes it a bit more problematic for your opponent in Crucible. Corkscrew Rifling is an all-around decent barrel option.


destiny 2 season of arrivals god rolls IKELOS SMG

Again, it’s no Recluse and it’s certainly not in the same archetype of 900 RPM SMGs, but it’s better than nothing. With Season of Arrivals, the IKELOS SMG now features random rolls, and it can come with Vorpal Weapon in its final column.

  • Corkscrew Rifling, Tactical Mag, Dynamic Sway Reduction and Vorpal Weapon

These two perks will ensure you’re able to quickly take down an enemy that is mid-Super in Crucible. Throw in a stability mod if you’re struggling with the kick. For the barrel and magazine, the gold standard is Corkscrew Rifling and Tactical Mag as these will help with the weapon's Stability, Range and Handling but also its Reload Speed and Magazine. The idea is to be as accurate as possible at the greatest range possible.


destiny 2 season of arrivals god rolls truthteller

Nothing will ever replace The Mountaintop. It is disgustingly powerful. In the event you want to rock a tube Grenade Launcher, take a look at Truthteller. Just make sure you’re still chasing Spike Grenades for the damage boost.

  • Quick Launch, Spike Grenades, Field Prep and Swashbuckler
  • Linear Compensator, Proximity Grenades, Auto-Loading Holster and Disruption Break

The first two perk combos looks to leverage the damage from Swashbuckler and increase your ammo reserves and reload speed. This should ensure Swashbuckler can affect more grenades. Just remember to crouch while using it. Because this is a more PVE-focused perk combo, Quick Launch and Spike Grenades will ensure the grenades get to the target faster and deal more damage on impact.

Auto-Loading Holster and Disruption Break is more of an attempt to find synergy within the combos while boosting your Kinetic damage. Break the shield with Disruption Break to boost your Kinetic damage, and while you’re doing that Auto-Loading will reload Truthteller. This being the PVP option that it is means that Linear Compensator will boost the Blast Radius, which is benefited further by Proximity Grenades.

There are other alternatives with Truthteller, with quite a few perk recommendations on

Gnawing Hunger

destiny 2 season of arrivals god rolls gnawing hunger

The 600 RPM Auto Rifle is able to shred enemies in both PVE and Crucible. There hasn’t been a must-use Auto Rifle in a while, but if you’re looking for a new addition, consider Gnawing Hunger.

  • Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag, Subsistence and Multikill Clip

Subsistence will keep your magazine full enough to capitalize on Multikill Clip’s full potential. Reload, and then enjoy bonus damage for longer as Subsistence gets back to work. On top of this, Arrowhead Brake for the barrel will ensure the Recoil and Handling stats are brought into line. Then there's Tactical Mag, which is just a good choice no matter the occasion. 

Nature of the Beast

destiny 2 season of arrivals god rolls nature of the beast

A whole lot of Hand Cannons will be falling behind when Season of Arrivals ends. Unfortunately for Hand Cannon users, there don’t appear to be any new Kinetic Hand Cannons worth chasing this season. However, Nature of the Beast is worth checking out for the Energy slot.

  • Fastdraw HCS, Tactical Mag, Subsistence and Dragonfly
  • Hitmark HCS, Accurized Rounds, Quickdraw and Vorpal Weapon

If Nature of the Beast could roll with Outlaw, this would be immediately reminiscent of Fatebringer. We’ll just settle for Subsistence. Pair the magazine-filling potential of Subsistence with Dragonfly and you’ll be clearing waves of adds with ease. For the sights and magazine, Fastdraw HCS helps the Handling stat greatly while improving the Stability and Aim Assistance.

Those playing in Crucible should consider Quickdraw and Vorpal Weapon. Switching to this will let you put down a Titan that’s charging at you with its fists. Regardless of PVP or PVE, Demolitionist is also worth considering for the grenade energy. To further improve the killing potential, aim for Hitmark HCS and Accurized Rounds, both of these will push out the effective Range of Nature of the Beast.


destiny 2 season of arrivals god rolls IKELOS Shotgun

The IKELOS Shotgun was a beast when it first launched. It would shred through bosses like no one’s business. Though it might not be as powerful, the new version of the IKELOS Shotgun is worth looking out for.

  • Fluted Barrel, Light Mag, Feeding Frenzy and Elemental Capacitor
  • Full Bore, Accurized Rounds, Firmly Planted and Vorpal Weapon

Feeding Frenzy and the Solar effects of Elemental Capacitor will ensure you’re rarely sitting around waiting for this to reload. Handy in PVE encounters where you absolutely need to be in a boss’ face dealing damage. Given that this is for PVE, Fluted Barrel is a decent option thanks to its boost to Stability and Handling. Similarly, Light Mag will increase that Reload Speed stat even more while giving a small bump to Range.

For those Crucible players, Firmly Planted will increase that accuracy when sliding and crouching, while Vorpal Weapon will help you shutdown Supers. For the barrel and magazine coloumns, Full Bore and Accurized Rounds will push that Range out further, making it compete with some of the other more ranged-focused Shotguns out there.

Widow’s Bite

destiny 2 season of arrivals god rolls widow's bite

Lovers of the rapid-fire Snipers will want to get a good Widow’s Bite. This snappy little Sniper has some decent perks on it, and the majority of them will come down to personal preference. In saying that, here are some options:

  • Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag, Slideshot and Opening Shot
  • Arrowhead Brake, Extended Mag, Feeding Frenzy and Demolitionist

The first perk combo is for those Crucible players that generally know what they’re doing. Sliding around corners and quickscoping enemies is made easier with Slideshot and Opening Shot. Both of these help boost the range, stability, and accuracy of Widow’s Bite. For the barrel, Arrowhead Brake is the best in class thanks to the massive improvements to the Recoil stat and the bonus Handling. Tactical Mag, again, is excellent for the Stability, Reload Speed, and Magazine benefits.

For PVE players, Feeding Frenzy is easy to proc thanks to the rapid nature of the gun. If you’re getting all those kills, it’s best to be putting them toward something like generating grenade energy. Much like the PVP version, Arrowhead Brake offers the best Recoil boost, which will help with landing more shots. For the magazine, Extended Mag will greatly increase the available rounds though the Reload Speed will be hit.

Long Shadow

destiny 2 season of arrivals god rolls long shadow

Beloved will be taking a backseat once Season of Arrivals ends. Its Power level will be capped at 1060 and so you’ll need to find another high-impact Sniper. For your consideration is Long Shadow.

  • ATC Rex, Tactical Mag, Snapshot Sights and Moving Target
  • ATC Scout, Appended Mag, Rapid Hit and Triple Tap

The first perk combo is for those Crucible players. Both of these perks will improve your ability to get the reticle over the opponent’s head. Throw on a mod you love and you’ll almost forget about Beloved. Almost. For the scope, you will want to aim for ATC Rex to try and pull in the zoom a bit to make it more manageable. The magazine will come down to personal preference, but Tactical Mag grants some nice Stability along with Reload Speed and Magazine boosts.

The second perk combo is for the PVE players. If you’re able to land rapid hits, you might as well opt for Triple Tap while you’re there. Keep firing for longer and keep that damage going. Much like the PVP version, you will want to aim for a scope that pulls back the zoom to something less offensive. ATC Scout will do this without sacrificing on the Range stat. For the magazine, Appended Mag will increase the magazine size without negatively impacting the already slow reload speed.

These are but some of the Season of Arrivals god rolls in Destiny 2. There are, of course, more weapons you could use to flesh out your builds but these should help bridge the gap between now and Beyond Light. Take some time to look over the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more weapon recommendations and tips.

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