Sling the Stone Seasonal Challenge - Destiny 2

Complete the Sling the Stone Seasonal Challenge in Destiny 2 for a nice chunk of XP.


Sling the Stone is a Seasonal Challenge in Destiny 2 introduced with Season of the Chosen. For a lot of players, this quest might not make a lot of sense, especially if they’ve not been paying attention to the different types of Champions in the game. Furthermore, the quest uses specific wording that is new to the Destiny franchise, so that might add a bit of confusion. But fear not, because this challenge is actually pretty easy to complete.

Sling the Stone Seasonal Challenge

The Sling the Stone Seasonal Challenge asks players to “stagger, pierce, or disrupt Champions”. Now, these three terms are relatively new, only introduced to Destiny during Season of the Undying, and even then, only in endgame content. Basically, players must use specific Artifact Mods, weapons, and abilities in order to weaken Champions.

destiny 2 sling the stone seasonal challenge
The Sling the Stone Seasonal Challenge requires you to deal with Champions.

How this works is that there are three types of Champions in Destiny 2: Unstoppable, Barrier, and Overload. Each of these requires a different tact in order to defeat. For the Sling the Stone challenge, you must Stagger Unstoppable Champions, pierce Barrier Champions, and disrupt Overload Champions.

destiny 2 sling the stone seasonal artifact mods
Ensure you have the correct mods unlocked and equipped in order to deal with the different Champions.

Staggering an Unstoppable Champion requires using mods with the square background. Piercing Barrier Champions requires mods with the triangle background. Disrupting Overload Champions requires mods with the circle background.

Make sure you unlock the mod in the Seasonal Artifact and slot it into the appropriate piece of armor. Most of the time it will be gauntlets that accept the mod. Be sure to also familiarize yourself with how the mod works. For example, the Unstoppable mod requires you to aim-down-sights without shooting until a powerful round is loaded. On the other hand, Overload mods require continual shooting to activate.

destiny 2 barrier champion
Anti-Barrier Rounds break the Barrier Champions' shields. This would count as "piercing" for the Seasonal Challenge.

Once you’ve got the correct mods, you will need to enter an activity that has Champions. This might be the Battlegrounds activity, Nightfall Strikes, or even Legend and Master Lost Sectors. When you’re in the activity, keep an eye out for the on-screen message letting you know a Champion has entered the battle. Focus on using your specific mod type to render the Campion vulnerable (ie: using a Barrier mod to break a Barrier Champion's shield).

With a firm grasp on Champions and how weapon mods work, you should be able to complete the Sling the Stone Seasonal Challenge in Destiny 2. Take some time to look over the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more content to help you understand new terminology and deal with new threats!

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