Iron Banner Season 12 quest guide - Destiny 2

A complete guide to the Iron Banner Season 12 quest, Slaying Dragons, in Destiny 2.


Iron Banner returns with Season 12 of Destiny 2. This latest season (introduced during Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt), has players completing a quest called Slaying Dragons. Much like previous seasons, completing this will reward you with plenty of gear. There are also some Season 12 Iron Banner bounties to complete, so let’s get started!

Iron Banner quest: Slaying Dragons

destiny 2 iron banner quest slaying dragons power of faith
Before you can begin the Season 12 Iron Banner quest Slaying Dragons, Saladin has a thing to say about your recent acquisition of power.

The Iron Banner Season 12 quest name is Slaying Dragons. There are six steps in total, each one requiring you to participate in Iron Banner and complete some task within the limited-time activity.

Step 1: Guardians, Zones, Void

destiny 2 slaying dragons step 1

The first step in Slaying Dragons has you doing what you usually do in Iron Banner, but this time with Void abilities.

  • 30 Guardians defeated
  • 10 Zones captured
  • 5 Void ability final defeats

Step 2: Crucible Matches, Zones, Energy weapons

destiny 2 slaying dragons step 2

The next step in Slaying Dragons focuses on defeating enemies with Energy weapons. Find one that you enjoy using and get to killing. The other two components, Iron Banner matches and zone captures, will come in time – just remember to cap those zones.

  • 6 Iron Banner matches
  • 20 Zones captured
  • 25 Energy weapon defeats

Step 3: Guardians, Zones, Scout Rifle

destiny 2 slaying dragons step 3

Now you shift into specific weapon archetypes. This step requires Scout Rifle final blows. Either use a Scout you really love or equip the Iron Banner one. You’ll also need to defeat a bunch of Guardians and capture more zones.

  • 100 Guardian defeats
  • 30 Zones captured
  • 20 Scout Rifle final blows

Step 4: Super kills, Zones, Hand Cannon

Much like the Scout Rifle step, this one requires you to use a specific weapon archetype, this time Hand Cannons. Use your newly acquiring Iron Banner Hand Cannon and roll around getting kills. Remember to also use your Super to earn defeats and capture some zones.

  • 15 defeats with Super
  • 40 Zones captured
  • 15 Hand Cannon final blows

Step 5: Crucible Matches, Zones, Precision kills

destiny 2 slaying dragons step 5

The final step (aside from speaking with Saladin) is to get precision defeats. Ensure you’re aiming for the head and the 10 kills will come in time. You’ll also need to play more Iron Banner matches and capture more zones.

  • 15 Iron Banner matches
  • 50 Zones captured
  • 10 precision final blows

Step 6: Speak with Saladin

destiny 2 slaying dragons step 6

Return to Lord Saladin to receive your reward.

Season 12 Iron Banner bounties

Outside of the Iron Banner quest there are also bounties. This season’s bounties see a few returning from previous seasons as well as some new arrivals. Make sure you pick them up before you get started.

An Arsenal of Tricks Iron Banner bounty

destiny 2 an arsenal of tricks

Much like last season, An Arsenal of Tricks has you defeating opponents with final blows from abilities. Using your Super and defeating opponents of a higher Power level grants more progress.

Maneuver Warfare Iron Banner bounty

destiny 2 maneuver warfare

Maneuver Warfare is all about defeating opponents when your team is holding more zones. You earn bonus progress when the Hunt is on (your team has all three zones). There’s really not much you can do about this one as a solo player. Focus on helping your team keep two zones, and if there’s a push to gain a third, use your Super to clear the enemy.

Oath of the Pack Iron Banner bounty

destiny 2 oath of the pack

Oath of the Pack is all about working with a teammate. Defeat opponents while assisted by one other teammate. To make this one easy, stick to another player and roll around two-teaming other players.

The Rout Iron Banner bounty

destiny 2 the rout

The Rout is all about defeating opponents. You’ll gain bonus progress if you manage to get a final blow on an enemy of higher Power level. There are a lot of hardcore players out there, so it should be no trouble having a lower Power level.

The Season 12 Iron Banner quest, Slaying Dragons, is reasonably straightforward. Though it might take you a while, the steps won’t really ask you to do something outside of the norm. Even the steps that require a specific weapon tend to come after you’ve received a weapon in that archetype. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more content from this season.

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