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Find nodes in the Root of Nightmares raid to spawn an extra chest after the Nezarec fight that rewards a guaranteed red border weapon.


The Root of Nightmares raid has a few nodes that can be used to spawn an extra chest in the Nezarec boss fight. By finding these nodes and shooting the ones you need, players can earn this bonus chest which contains a guaranteed red border weapon once a week. Below is the location of the reference node (flower) and the nodes needed for your loot.

Note: Leaving the raid will reset the reference node. You must complete the Root of Nightmares raid in one sitting to get the chest.

Here is a quick glance at the node rooms:

  1. Before first encounter, to the right of the bright doorway
  2. During the pulsing jumping puzzle, to the left of the piston on the roof
  3. Before Nezarec fight, under the last cube-like platform pierced with flower branches

How to spawn Nezarec extra chest

If you already know how to spawn the red border chest at Nezarec, scroll down for a detailed description of the node locations. To spawn the bonus chest after you beat Nezarec, you must remember the order of three nodes that appear at the start of the raid and make a node network that matches it at three different locations.

Arrows pointing to the location of the reference node flower and the direction to the first encounter in the Root of Nightmares

Source: Shacknews

The reference nodes are at the start of the raid in a flower, before the first encounter, Cataclysm. Work your way along the wall but don’t go down the steps that lead to the lower level. Instead, look to the two buildings on the left at the top of the stairs. Behind them is a flower with three nodes. These are the colors and the order you must remember.

The reference nodes in the flower showing two darkness and one light
This node setup indicates the first and last node rooms must be Darkness while the second one is Light.
Source: Shacknews

Using the image above as an example, you can see the order is: Darkness, Light, Darkness. This means in the first hidden node room must be a Darkness network, the second is Light, and the last hidden room is Darkness.

Each hidden room has two pairs of nodes, one Light and one Darkness. Make the connection as you would for any of the node encounters. Stand in the aura you need, shoot the node, then stand in the second node and shoot it.

Creating the correct network in the room will result in an on-screen message saying, “Your actions take root…” If you make the incorrect network it says, “Your spoils suffer irreparable damage…” When the last node room connection is made, and you’ve done it all correctly, a message will say, “A great harvest awaits…”

Root of Nightmares node rooms

There are only three hidden node rooms in Root of Nightmares. Ensure you do not skip a room or make the incorrect connection. The only way to fix an error is to reset the raid.

First node room

Arrow pointing to the location of the first node room
Don't go through the bright doorway toward the first encounter, jump over the branch and through a doorway to find the first node room.
Source: Shacknews

The first node room is before the first encounter. Don’t go through the giant, bright doorway. Instead, bear right and go through a door behind some branches. Head down a large set of stairs into the depths to reach the node room.

Second node room

Arrow pointing across a gap to the second node room
To the right is a piston on a roof, don't go that way. Jump over the gap on the left to find the second node room.
Source: Shacknews

The second node room is during the Darkness Refuge jumping puzzle that has the pulsing Overwhelming Power. Do not go on the roof with a piston that launches you across the gap. Instead, go left and jump across the gap to a lower building. Go through the door on the left to find the nodes.

Third node room

The last node room circled and an arrow showing the direction to the Nezarec fight
Drop onto the statue at the bottom of the image and jump onto the floating block beside it. Jump up into the room to find the last nodes.
Source: Shacknews

The final node room is immediately before the Nezarec fight. As you climb across the flower buds and branches, continue until you reach the cube-like building that is pierced with three branches on its front (it also has golden blocks). Jump from the branch down to the Radial Mast/forked statue and onto the floating brick. Aim up and jump into the roof to find the last nodes.

After the correct set of node networks is completed, defeat Nezarec and your extra chest will spawn beside his axe. This will give you a guaranteed red border weapon from which you can extra a pattern. You can do this once a week. Check out our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more Root of Nightmare coverage.

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