What are ritual activities in Destiny 2?

Learn what counts as a ritual activity so you can complete some seasonal challenges in Destiny 2.


There are a lot of nouns in Destiny 2, enough to make even some veterans question what the game means when it says “ritual activities”. The good news is that if you’ve been playing Destiny 2, in any capacity, chances are you’ve been playing a ritual activity.

What are ritual activities?

A ritual activity refers to Vanguard Ops, Gambit, and Crucible. These are the three core playlists in Destiny 2 that are typically found at the top of the Destinations tab. Whenever a challenge, bounty, or quests asks you to complete ritual activities or get defeats within one, it is refer to these three modes.

Highlighting the Vanguard playlist, one of the three ritual activities

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Unfortunately, a seasonal activity is not a ritual activity. You will not earn progress toward the objective if you play something like The Coil (Season of the Wish), Override (Season of the Splicer), or Deep Dives (Season of the Deep). Additionally, patrol-based activities are not ritual activities. Participating in Terminal Overload, Wellspring, and Altars of Sorrow do not count.

Vanguard Ops is where all the strikes, PsiOps, and battlegrounds are stored. These have three players working together to move through an area, kill enemies, perform some light mechanics, and defeat a boss at the end. Crucible is the player-versus-player activity that has you fighting other players to compete in kills, capture zones, or something else. Finally, Gambit is Destiny 2’s hybrid mode that has you fighting AI-controlled foes and other players as you attempt to bank motes and summon a boss to kill.

Whenever you see “ritual activity” referred to in Destiny 2, you’ll now know what it means and how to easily complete the task. Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more information to help you learn or remember what all the different things mean.

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