The Form of the Danger, Delicate Tomb Exotic catalyst - Destiny 2

Unlock the Delicate Tomb Exotic catalyst by completing the Form of the Danger quest in Destiny 2.


The Form of the Danger is the new Exotic catalyst quest for Delicate Tomb in Destiny 2. This quest tasks players with using special weapons, like the seasonal Fusion Rifle, to defeat enemies. For those that want a powerful new Arc weapon to use, taking the time to complete this quest will boost the effectiveness of Delicate Tomb.

The Form of the Danger

The Form of the Danger can be collected from Banshee-44 once you have unlocked Delicate Tomb. During Season of Plunder, this Fusion Rifle is the seasonal Exotic, meaning it can be claimed from the Level 1 or Level 35 of the season pass depending on whether players buy the premium track. Once the season ends, users may find it in the Monument to Lost Lights.

Step 1: Defeat targets

image shows The Form of the Danger quest being collected from Banshee-44 in Destiny 2

The first step in The Form of the Danger requires players to defeat targets using weapons that use Special ammo (Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Fusion Rifles etc). Consider using Delicate Tomb so that you get a feel for the weapon. The other part is to defeat challenging combatants like minibosses, bosses, and champions. Consider loading into a Lost Sector or the start of a Nightfall and farming Champion defeats.

  • Defeat 50 targets using Special ammo guns
  • Defeat challenging combatants

If the first part isn’t completing, make sure you’re using a Special weapon that is in the Energy slot. Kinetic slot Specials may not work.

Step 2: Playlists and Delicate Tomb defeats

Next up is to actually use Delicate Tomb to get defeats. This step also requires players to complete playlist activities. Earn more progress by playing tougher Nightfalls and winning in Crucible or Gambit.

  • Defeats with Delicate Tomb
  • Playlist activities completed

Step 3: Return to Banshee-44

Finally, head back to Banshee-44 to pick up your Delicate Tomb Exotic catalyst. All that’s left to do now is charge it up by getting 700 defeats with this Exotic Fusion Rifle. Once completed, a new perk will be added to the gun called Ionic Interment: Collecting an Ionic Trace partially reloads the magazine from reserves.

Unlocking the Delicate Tomb Exotic catalyst in Destiny 2 will take a bit of work. Though not as troublesome as other catalysts, be prepared to run quite a few playlist activities. Once it’s all done, and the Exotic catalyst is charged, Delicate Tomb will get a nice kick to its usefulness. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more information on Season of Plunder.

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