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Learn the ideal loadouts and general tips to help you complete all 50 waves of Onslaught on Legend in Destiny 2.


Onslaught is the new activity in Destiny 2 introduced with Into the Light and those players that are good enough can dive into the Legend version. This difficulty level comes with the Extinguish modifier as well as Champions and other tougher foes. However, with the added threat come greater rewards, which make completing 50 waves of Onslaught Legend a must-do for many players. Here are some tips to help guide you through this tough endgame activity.

Onslaught Legend overview

Though not as tough as Grandmaster Nightfalls, you should still approach Onslaught Legend like you would a GM or even a raid. It is imperative you come equipped with decent loadouts including ideal weaponry, well-rolled armor, and a team ready to spend anywhere between an hour and 90 minutes completing the activity.

If you’re just trying to get 50 waves of Onslaught Legend completed, then you should attempt it on Midtown. This map has the most protection, allowing you to quickly get out of the line of fire and heal.

Onslaught Legend loadouts, classes, and setup

Guardians fight through waves in Onslaught

Source: Bungie

You can complete all 50 waves of Onslaught Legend with any class. The real challenge comes in synergizing well with your team and working together to reach the common goal. While my team utilized two Warlocks and a Titan, it’s possible to do it with one of each or a different combination entirely.

Cenotaph Well of Radiance Warlock

The first loadout we had was a Warlock rolling Well of Radiance with a Cenotaph Mask with the Navigator. This allowed them to tag the minibosses, which would generate Heavy ammo. Furthermore, tagging a friend with Navigator gives you and them Woven Mail, increasing your survivability. Any enemies that you hit with this Trace Rifle become severed, decreasing their damage output, which comes in handy when they’re assaulting you or the ADU.

Cenotaph Mask
Cenotaph Mask is a great option for Warlocks as it helps keep your allies full of Heavy ammo.
Source: Shacknews

The second Warlock was utilizing Stasis and Osmiomancy Gloves for double the Bleak Watcher turrets. This allowed the Warlock to lock down lanes and powerful foes. When it comes to using the Super, just use the pulse, as the Stasis turret should have frozen everything. This lets you get off far more damage without using the whole Super quickly. Throw on Verglas Curve for the added Stasis benefits, like freezing enemies and making crystals.

Finally, our Titan was switching between Thundercrash during the wave defence and a Pyrogale Gauntlets Solar build during boss damage. In addition to this, they were using Leviathan’s Breath for huge DPS against the bosses and switching to Anarchy for controlling the lanes and prevent enemies from advancing to the ADU. Do not sleep on Anarchy, it can come in clutch for protecting the goods.

Both Solar classes were utilizing Healing Grenades, too. These can come in handy when you get caught by surprise, as the Restoration effect can make you nigh invincible for a couple of seconds. Try to hold on to this until you absolutely need it.

For Hunters, Gathering Storm continues to be a great DPS option for huge damage as does Celestial Nighthawk. Additionally, don’t be afraid to switch to tether or run invisibility builds to secure those revives.

Onslaught Legend: General tips

A Tormentor in Onslaught

Source: Bungie

In the wave defense section of Onslaught, your best option is to remain close to the ADU. The moment you run off is the moment a foe slips behind you and starts chipping away at its health. By staying close, you can also funnel enemies to you down the set lanes – which is where Anarchy comes in handy.

When the bonus objectives begin or there is a unique modifier on the field, try and send one player off to tackle the problem. If it’s a mine, diffuse it and get back to your teammates. The enemy that is defending it can wait until all other foes are cleared, then move as a team to take it down.

The Navigator Exotic Trace Rifle
Not only can this reduce the output damage of foes, it can give you Woven Mail.
Source: Shacknews

A player with Healing Grenades and the Navigator can be really helpful in the Rift section. Woven Mail and Restoration lets you tank everything in the final push, all your teammates need to do is control or kill the enemies. There is where a Grenade Launcher with Blinding Grenades can be useful.

For the boss sections, just stick to the safe zones and rotate when necessary. As the boss stomps to the right, you move to the left. When the boss and enemies begin congregating on the left, rotate to the right. Your goal is to clear enemies as they become a threat and deal chip damage to the boss when you’re able to do so safely. If you can manage, the reinforcements can be a game-changer, providing a distraction and extra damage to the boss. Remember, once a boss is dead, you can hang around in this room for as long as you need! The next wave begins when someone goes through the portal.

While Onslaught on Legend difficulty can be a challenge, it’s certainly possible to clear all 50 waves with minimal fuss. Get your fireteam together, prepare some decent builds and guns, and you’ll have weapons coming out of your ears! Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more endgame assistance and god roll recommendations for these Brave Arsenal weapons.

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