Captive Cord location and Essence of Failure in Destiny 2

Here's the Captive Cord location in Destiny 2 so you can complete the Essence of Failure and get the Arc Logic auto rifle.


This guide will give players the location of the Captive Cord in Destiny 2, as well as tips on how to acquire the Essence of Failure quest and complete it.

Captive Cord location in Destiny 2

The Captive Cord can be found in the Lunar Battlegrounds region on the Moon. To quickly get there, spawn in at the Sorrow’s Harbor landing zone. From here, hop on your Sparrow and head forward and to the right. There will be a cave with some hive architecture in front of it. Go inside and follow the path. When you make it back outside, ride your sparrow off the platform and turn slightly right, going through a gap in the mountain. In front of you on the other side will be a tower, and on that tower is the Captive Cord that you seek. Use the embedded video above if you require visual context.

Once you have the Captive Cord, fast travel back to the Sanctuary landing zone on the Moon, where you can find Eris Morn. Look for the Lectern of Enchantment, which should have a quest marker on it. Interact with this to obtain the Arc Logic auto rifle.

How to get Essence of Failure

The method to obtain the Essence of Failure quest is to kill high-level enemies on the Moon. Think about anything with a yellow bar for health. Lost sector bosses should work, as should the Trove Guardian, the Knight who, when killed, opens a pathway for Guardians to follow. In general, just play the game and look for tough enemies to kill, and the Essence of Failure will drop for you in no time.

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