How to get Edgewise Ritual weapon in Destiny 2

Learn how to unlock the Edgewise Machine Gun in Destiny 2 and do it quickly using a Nightfall farming method.


Edgewise is one of the first few Ritual weapons added to Destiny 2. This Machine Gun is unlocked by completing A Loud Racket, a pursuit offered by the Vanguard leader, Commander Zavala. Getting your hands on this Power weapon is going to take a bit of time, but there are some ways to quickly farm the kills you need.

How to get Edgewise

Destiny 2 A Loud Racket
Visit Commander Zavala in the Tower and pick up A Loud Racket to get started on unlocking Edgewise.

The first step in getting Edgewise is to head to the Tower and speak with Commander Zavala. Under the Pursuits tab is a new quest called, A Loud Racket. The first step of this quest is called First Impressions and there are three goals:

  • 1,000 Machine Gun kills
  • 1,500 Solar kills
  • 10,000 Points scored

All of these must be completed in a Strike playlist. The good news is that you can earn points in both normal Strikes as well as Nightfalls.

For the last goal, scoring 10,000 points, the quickest way to get this done is to defeat enemies in more difficult Strikes. For those who are already approaching max Power in Shadowkeep, playing through the hardest Nightfall: The Ordeal possible is going to be the best method. However, the easiest method will be to use the older Nightfall playlist.

How to farm Edgewise quickly

Destiny 2 Fixed Odds
Fixed Odds is a Solar Machine Gun available through the Menagerie.

The first step in farming Edgewise is to get yourself a Solar Machine Gun. The best way to do this is to use the Menagerie rune table to create a Fixed Odds. Once you run through the Menagerie and have your weapon, you’re almost ready to begin farming. A Fixed Odds is a Solar Machine Gun, which lets you knock out Machine Gun kills and Solar kills at the same time.

Next, you will want to ensure you’ve fully upgraded your Gate Lord’s Eye seasonal artifact so you can have access to the Heavy Finisher mod. This mod gives you Heavy ammo any time you perform a finisher on an enemy.

With both of those tasks complete, load up a Nightfall. This is best as you won’t be joining random players in a Strike that drag you forward. Don’t pick the Scarlet Keep as there’s no backtracking in that Strike. The goal is to find a Lost Sector and farm the enemies in there.

This method is still going to take you an hour or more to unlock Edgewise, but it’s much quicker than playing Strikes with friends or randoms.

Edgewise perks

Destiny 2 Edgewise perks
Field Prep and Demolitionist are the two best perks to use on Edgewise.

Unlike the Pinnacle weapons from previous seasons, the Rituals weapons don’t come with unique perks. In saying this, they are still extremely powerful, though they likely won’t replace Exotic options.

As for Edgewise, this 900 RPM Machine Gun can compete with 21% Delirium, one of the best Power weapons in the game.

Edgewise has two columns of perks with two perks to choose from:

  • Feeding Frenzy and Field Prep
  • Rampage and Demolitionist

The optimal set of perks to choose would be Field Prep and Demolitionist. While Feeding Frenzy does offer some faster reload speeds, you still gain increased reload speed when crouching with Field Prep.

As for Rampage, it’s been nerfed to the point where it’s no longer a must-have perk. On the other hand, Demolitionist is exceptionally powerful, allowing you to have your grenade up after every few kills. What’s better, throwing a grenade will reload Edgewise, further circumventing the need for Feeding Frenzy.

Overall, Edgewise is absolutely worth unlocking in Destiny 2. This new Ritual weapon is able to shred through enemies and even offers some appealing perks. While the amount of kills you need to unlock it are quite high, using Nightfall farming methods allows you to get it in a little over an hour. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more Ritual weapon guides.

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