Where to find the Withered Plumes in Destiny 2

Learn the location of the Withered Plumes for the Essence of Obscurity in Destiny 2.


Finding the Withered Plumes in Destiny 2 requires venturing to the Circle of Bones. This area is far below the surface of the Moon, making it a bit difficult to reach. However, if players want to complete the Essence of Obscurity and claim the Every Waking Moment, the Wither Plumes will need to be acquired.

Where to find the Withered Plumes

The Withered Plumes are found in the Circle of Bones. This weapon part is one of three steps of the Essence of Obscurity, a quest to craft the Every Waking Moment Submachine Gun. The Circle of Bones is at the very center of the Hellmouth.

To reach the Circle of Bones, start at the Hellmouth. This area can be reached either by using the fast travel point at the Sorrow’s Harbor and heading south or via the Sanctuary fast travel point. You want to go to the area of the Hellmouth where you can enter the main Hive structure.

Enter the Hive fortress and follow the path to reach the Gatehouse. Continue through the area, being careful not to fall into the abyss that’s on your left. Take the door at the end of the area and go down stairs. Pass through the door on your left and then take the door that’s immediately on your right.

This path will take you through a tunnel that leads into a circular room. Go through the door on the opposite side and follow the broken bridge around to the left. Jump across the gap and you will enter the loading zone for the Circle of Bones.

As you come out into the Circle of Bones, turn right and follow the path around. You’ll be looking to walk along the balcony that wraps the back of the area. You’ll need to pass by a hole in the wall, the same hole you ran through as part of the Shadowkeep campaign mission, In the Deep, that saw you steal a Cryptoglyph.

The Withered Plumes will be on the edge of the balcony, overlooking the maw of the Hellmouth. A waypoint should come on to your screen as you get closer to the weapon part. Pick it up to complete the last step of the Essence of Obscurity quest.

Now that you’ve found the Withered Plumes and crafted the Every Waking Moment, you can get back to crafting more of Eris Morn’s weapons. Head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more Shadowkeep guides.

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