Unfinished Business Exotic quest - Destiny 2

Unlock Deterministic Chaos by completing the Unfinished Business Exotic quest in Destiny 2.


Unfinished Business is quest in Destiny 2 that rewards the Exotic Machine Gun, Deterministic Chaos. This lengthy quest has players exploring Neomuna, defeating enemies, and learning more about some of the threats that await after the conclusion of the Lightfall campaign.

How to unlock Deterministic Chaos – Unfinished Business quest

Nimbus offering the Unfinished Business quest for Deterministic Chaos
Speak with Nimbus after completing the Lightfall campaign to get the Unfinished Business quest.
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After completing the Lightfall campaign players will gain access to the Exotic quest, Unfinished Business. Visit Nimbus to pick up this quest. It consists of 13 parts and will reward the Exotic Machine Gun, Deterministic Chaos.

  1. Go to the Hall of Heroes
  2. Visit Nimbus
  3. Defeat Vex and collect resource nodes
  4. Find the data packet in Maya’s Retreat
  5. Survive the Vex attack
  6. Go to the Radiosonde in Liming Harbor
  7. Complete the Lost Sector in Liming Harbor
  8. Defeat 100 combatants in Ahimsa Park
  9. Get the seed from the Typhon Imperator
  10. Return to Nimbus
  11. Complete the mission, What Remains
  12. Go back to Nimbus
  13. Go to the Hall of Heroes

Step 1: Go to the Hall of Heroes

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Once you get the Exotic quest from Nimbus, head to the Hall of Heroes. This area is behind the place where you meditate to unlock more Strand abilities using Strand Meditations.

Step 2: Visit Nimbus

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Go back to Nimbus to learn more.

Step 3: Defeat Vex and collect resource nodes

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This next step requires you to defeat Vex to collect cipher qubits. You will also need to collect resource nodes, which are called Cloud Accretions. Just roam around Neomuna defeating Vex and grabbing the resources until its completed.

Step 4: Find the data packet in Maya’s Retreat

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Now you’ll need to head to Maya’s Retreat in Liming Harbor. Track the quest to get a waypoint and to see the banner on your map. You’ll work through a canyon and out into an open plateau.

Step 5: Survive the Vex attack

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When you reach the plateau, you’ll need to interact with a Vex conflux and just survive the onslaught. Keep killing Vex until the segment finishes.

Step 6: Go to Radiosonde in Liming Harbor

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Head back to Liming Harbor, if you’ve unlocked the additional fast travel point in Neomuna you can zip right over. Go into the large central building that juts out along the coast and listen to the conversation between Nimbus and Osiris.

Step 7: Complete the Lost Sector in Liming Harbor

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While still in Liming Harbor, go to the north side and complete the Thrilladrome Lost Sector. It’s inside the building to the north, accessed by going up into the rafters and through a vent.

Step 8: Defeat 100 enemies in Ahimsa Park

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Go to Ahimsa Park and defeat enemies. Smash through 100 of them and this step will be completed.

Step 9: Head into Typhon Imperator and get the seed

You’ll now need to find a Seed of Silver Wings. There is one inside Calus’ Typhon Imperator. Head to Ahimsa Park and into the ship to locate the seed.

Step 10: Return to Nimbus

Head on back to Nimbus to talk about your discovery.

Step 11: Complete the mission, What Remains

Next is the mission, What Remains. Deterministic Chaos will unlock during this mission, so prepare to have a bit of fun. For those chasing Pinnacle drops, it could be worth holding off completing this mission until you need a bump to hit max Power.

Step 12: Go back to Nimbus

Return to Nimbus and talk about what happened.

Step 13: Go to the Hall of Heroes

The last step for Unfinished Business is to head into the Hall of Heroes.

Deterministic Chaos perks

Deterministic Chaos' perks

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Deterministic Chaos comes with Polygonal Rifling, Ricochet Rounds, and Composite Stock. However, you’re more interested in the Exotic perks and traits:

  • Vexadecimal – While holding down the trigger, every fourth Heavy Metal projectile also makes targes volatile on impact.
  • Heavy Metal – While holding down the trigger, every fourth bullet becomes a heavy projectile that weakens targets on impact.

In essence, every fourth bullet will weaken a target and every sixteenth bullet makes it volatile. This makes it quite good at spreading a lot of damage while helping your allies deal more damage.

With Unfinished Business completed, you’ll be the proud owner of Deterministic Chaos, the brand new Machine Gun added to Destiny 2 with Lightfall. Be sure to read over our Exotic catalysts guide so you can improve all of your other powerful weapons. There’s also our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more quest guides.

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