How to get the Terminal Velocity emblem - Destiny 2

Unlock the Terminal Velocity emblem in Destiny 2 so you can have a sick red skull as your icon.


Fans of skulls and other death-adjacent themes will want to get their hands on the Terminal Velocity emblem in Destiny 2. This emblem features a skull bathed in red light for the small square and a scattering of red accents for the top of your character page. The only limiting factor in unlocking this emblem is you’ll need to spend some money over on Amazon.

How to unlock Terminal Velocity emblem

The Terminal Velocity emblem is a Prime Gaming reward for Destiny 2. This means players will need to be subscribed to Amazon Prime and link their account to Twitch. Once this is done, you can claim the Polaris Lance Exotic Bundle during the month of June 2022.

destiny 2 terminal velocity emblem amanda holliday
Pick up your Terminal Velocity emblem from Amanda in the Tower Hangar once you've claimed your Prime Gaming drop.

Once you’ve linked your accounts, you can use the above link to go directly to the Prime Gaming page. Click on the claim reward button and go through the process of linking your Bungie account. Be mindful of choosing the correct platform you play Destiny 2 on. With the Polaris Lance Exotic Bundle claimed, your next stop is to visit Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar.

Amanda Holliday will have for you a Polaris Lance near your current Power level, an ornament for the gun, a Sparrow, Ghost projection, and your Terminal Velocity emblem. This emblem is a bit of a surprise given it’s not actually mentioned in the bundle’s item list. Claim the emblem and slap it on.

destiny 2 terminal velocity emblem

Keep in mind that if you are in Destiny 2 when you claim it, your emblem may not appear at Amanda Holliday. Close the game for a moment and reboot and you should see your Prime Gaming rewards next time you login and visit Amanda.

The Terminal Velocity emblem is one of many great cosmetic items players can get in Destiny 2. There are a few other emblems worth picking up, like the Sunflower one to show your support for Ukraine. Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more emblem unlocks.

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