Horned Wreath location and Essence of Vanity quest in Destiny 2

Learn the Horned Wreath location and how to complete the Essence of Vanity quest in Destiny 2.


This guide will show players the location of the Horned Wreath, an item that you will need to complete the Essence of Vanity quest in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

How to get Essence of Vanity quest

Before you will need to find the Horned Wreath, though, you’re going to need to know how to get the Essence of Vanity quest. This particular quest has a chance to drop when you defeat powerful enemies on the moon. Think about enemies like yellow-bar or even those with actual names. Defeating any of these enemies will give you a chance to acquire the Essence of Vanity quest.

Destiny 2 Horned Wreath location
Once you have found the Horned Wreath and completed the other requirements, the Essence of Vanity will be cleansed.

Once you acquire the Essence of Vanity quest, you’re going to need to complete the following requirements:

  • Complete Activities
  • Earn Sniper Rifle kills
  • Horned Wreath found

Horned Wreath location in Destiny 2

To find the Horned Wreath in Destiny 2, players will want to spawn in at Sanctuary on the Moon. This is where players can speak with Eris Morn as they complete the various quests introduced in Shadowkeep. From Sanctuary, head to the Anchor of Light and continue through that area until you can duck into the Temple of Crota. From here, continue through the depths of the temple, all the way to the bottom, where you’ll find The Worlds Grave. Destiny 1 players will recognize many of the locations that they can visit throughout this area.


From The Worlds Grave, continue making your way through the bowels of the Moon until you reach the Chamber of Night. At this point you will need to continue forward through the Chamber until you exit the dark area. There’s only one path you can really take through here, so just keep running and following the path that allows you to keep moving. This will eventually lead you to a massive room with several large bone-like pieces sticking out of the ground.

To find the Horned Wreath, continue to the back of this room, along the left-hand side. You should spot the weapon part on the ground as you approach it. Pick it up to complete this part of the quest. Once you have cleansed the Essence of Vanity, head to the Lectern of Enchantment and craft Tranquility a new Sniper Rifle available in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

Now that you have completed the Essence of Vanity quest and found the Horned Wreath location, you can head back over to our complete Destiny 2 strategy guide for more help. Make sure you also check out our guide on how to find the Captive Cord location for more help in Destiny's latest DLC.

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