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How to unlock Legend & Master Lost Sectors - Destiny 2

Discover how to unlock Legend & Master Lost Sectors in Destiny 2, how to start one, and what Exotic rewards are on offer.


Beyond Light has introduced Legend and Master Lost Sectors to Destiny 2. These extremely challenging activities are basically Nightfalls but in Lost Sector format. To get a chance at some new Exotics and rewards, players will need to first unlock the Legend and Master Lost Sectors. These won’t be easy to complete, though, so come prepared for a fight.

How to unlock Legend & Master Lost Sectors

Before you gain access to Legend and Master Lost Sectors, you must first meet a couple of requirements. Once these are met, you will be able to access and start a Legend/Master Lost Sector (more on that below).

destiny 2 unlock legend & master lost sectors
Clear the normal version of each Lost Sector to be able to access its Legend or Master version.

Firstly, you will need to actually complete the normal Lost Sector. That means going to the patrol zone, entering the Lost Sector, defeating the boss and looting the cache. This will clear the Lost Sector on the map. Here's a guide on the location of all Lost Sectors in Destiny 2, including the new ones on the Cosmodrome and Europa.

Secondly, you must reach the Power soft cap for the season. You should be able to reach this by completing the expansion's campaign or participating in the seasonal activities. If you’re not at the soft cap, spend some time farming Strikes, completing Public Events, and doing various weekly challenges for Powerful gear. 

With those steps complete, you will now find that Legend and Master Lost Sectors have been unlocked. You can tell which Lost Sector is Legend or Master by looking at the map and finding the unique, purple icon. We've also got our Legend & Master Lost Sector schedule so you can track what's coming up next.

How to start a Legend or Master Lost Sector

With the Legend and Master Lost Sectors unlocked, you will no doubt want to start one. To do this, you must physically go to the Lost Sector and interact with the banner outside its entrance. This will place you in a new instance, where the Lost Sector’s modifiers will be active.

destiny 2 start legend or master lost sector
A banner out the front of the day's Legend or Master Lost Sector will let you start it up.

The Legend and Master Lost Sectors have different Power level requirements. Legend will be slightly lower than Master. Both are tough, but if you can manage, Master will offer a higher chance at rewards.

There’s a good chance Legend and Master Lost Sectors will be too difficult to attempt early in a season. Consider coming back once you’ve hit a higher Power level. It's also worth noting that the Legend and Master Lost Sectors are a requirement in moving up through the Guardian Ranks!

Legend & Master Lost Sector rewards

There are a variety of rewards for completing a Legend or Master Lost Sector in Destiny 2. For those that manage to complete it solo (with no fireteam), there’s a good chance at one of the new Exotic armor pieces added with Beyond Light.

destiny 2 legend & master lost sector rewards
The Legend and Master Lost Sectors have different rewards. Soloing them gives players a chance at earning new Exotic armor.

To tell which armor piece you’re going to get, look at the Legend or Master Lost Sector icon. It will tell you whether it is an Exotic for the head, chest, arms or legs.

Completing the Legend or Master Lost Sector in a fireteam also has rewards. Anyone that manages to do this has a chance to get Enhancement Cores.

Unlocking the Legend and Master Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 is easy. The real challenge is completing these brutal activities. Those that do manage to beat the odds have a good chance at getting some new Exotics or other valuable rewards. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more tips and answers.

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