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Guardian Ranks - Destiny 2

Discover the intricacies of the Guardian Ranks in Destiny 2 including all the objectives needed to move up to Paragon.


The Guardian Ranks is a new system for players to engage with in Destiny 2. Guardian Ranks works as a sort of tutorial or guidance, giving players direction on what task to do next. Most long-term players will find their Guardian Rank to be quite high, while new players will be starting at the beginning. However, both can work to increase their Guardian Ranks and gain new prestige.

All Guardian Ranks & Objectives

The Guardian Ranks are split into 11 individual ranks. Each rank will have several objectives in it and all must be completed before you can move up to the next rank. Your Guardian Rank will be displayed beside your gamertag whenever you’re in an activity. Credit to for access to the Destiny 2 API for some of the later Guardian Ranks listed below.

Note that some objectives reset each season. Anything related to the Season's name, Seasonal Artifact, Commendations, and Power will reset. You will keep a portion of Commendations earned. Categories in bold will reset.

Guardian Ranks
1 - New Light
All new players start as a New Light. This first level just explains what Guardian Ranks are for. If you're lost and need guidance on what to do next, Guardian Ranks is your guiding light.
2 - Explorer
Category Objective Description
Ranking Up The Vanguard Complete the New Light quest, A Guardian Rises.
3 - Initiate
Category Objective Description
Explore Neptune First Contact Complete First Contact mission.
Point of Contact Meet the destination vendor on Neptune.
Explore EDZ Discover EDZ Land in Earth's European Dead Zone, otherwise known as the EDZ, and speak with Devrim Kay, located in the belfry of Trostland Church.
EDZ Public Events Complete 3 public events in the EDZ.
Explore Nessus Explore Nessus Land on Nessus and meet the eccentric AI, Failsafe, located in the wreckage of the Exodus Black colony ship.
Patrols Complete 1 patrol on Nessus.
Lost Sectors Complete 2 Lost Sectors on Nessus.
4 - Scout
Category Objective Description
Light Subclasses Learning Light Complete the Learning Light quest.
Purchase Aspects Purchase 2 Aspects from Ikora Rey
Purchase Fragments Purchase 3 Fragments from Ikora Rey.
Light Subclasses Complete a Light subclass quest from Ikora Rey.
Gunsmith Meet Banshee-44 Talk to Banshee-44.
Glimmer Collect Glimmer.
Legendary Shards Collect 9 Legendary Shards.
Enhancement Cores Complete Gunsmith bounties to earn Enhancement Cores.
Arming Up Purchase weapons from Banshee-44.
Gear Modification Shaders Apply 3 shaders to your gear.
Upgrading Your Ghost Equip an Economic or Tracking mod on your Ghost.
5 - Adventurer
Category Objective Description
Exotic Quests Acquire Riskrunner Complete the Exotic weapon mission, Spark of Hope, to obtain Riskrunner.
Masterwork Riskrunner Once the Riskrunner catalyst has been obtained, open Riskrunner's weapon details and apply the catalyst to the weapon. Upon completing the catalyst objectives, you will be able to upgrade Riskrunner to Masterwork.
Playlists Acquire Vanguard Bounties Acquire 4 Vanguard bounties from Commander Zavala.
Vanguard Ops Complete Vanguard Ops.
Complete Vanguard Bounties Complete 2 Vanguard bounties in Vanguard Ops.
Commendations Commend 2 other players in Vanguard Ops.
Meet Lord Shaxx Learn about the Crucible from Lord Shaxx.
Meet Drifter Learn about Gambit from the Drifter.
Collection Collect Weapons Increase the number of Legendary weapons in your collection (9).
Collect Armor Increase the number of Legendary armor pieces in your collection (10).
6 - Veteran
Category Objective Description
Gear Progression Modify Armor Equip slot-specific mods on armor.
Armor Energy Increase the energy level of a piece of armor by 2.
Masterwork Weapons Increase the Masterwork level of a weapon by 2.
Enhancement Materials Acquire Enhancement Prisms.
Power Soft Cap Increase your Power to the soft cap.
Vendor Challenges Complete weekly vendor challenges to acquire powerful rewards.
Trials Trials Introduction Talk to Saint-14 to learn about Trials of Osiris.
7 - Elite
Category Objective Description
Lightfall Lightfall Campaign Complete the Lightfall campaign.
Earn the Respect of Nimbus Increase your vendor reputation with Nimbus to 3 in Neomuna.
Weekly Campaign Missions Complete the weekly Lightfall campaign mission in Neomuna.
Season of Defiance Season Rank Increase your Season Rank to 7.
Seasonal Challenges Complete 4 Seasonal Challenges from the current Season.
War Table Ranks Increase your reputation level with the War Table to 2.
War Table Upgrades Purchase 2 upgrades from the War Table.
Verglas Curve Defeat 50 targets with the Exotic bow Verglas Curve.
Seasonal Playlist Rewards Increase your reputation with the Vanguard Ops, Crucible, or Gambit vendors to 4.
Seasonal Artifact Seasonal Artifact Obtain the current Seasonal Artifact.
Seasonal Artifact Perks Activate 5 perks from your Seasonal Artifact.
Artifact Power Bonus Increase your Power bonus from the Seasonal Artifact to 5.
Nightfall Threats and Surges Complete 3 Nightfalls while using a subclass that matches the current surge.
Platinum Rewards Complete Nightfalls and earn 2 Platinum rewards.
Champions Unstoppable Champions Stun 6 Unstoppable Champions.
Barrier Champions Stun 6 Barrier Champions.
Overload Champions Stun 6 Overload Champions.
Commendations Liked Increase your commendation score to 200.
Power Powerful Cap Increase your Power to the powerful cap.
Pinnacle Rewards Earn 2 pinnacle rewards from Gambit, Nightfall, or Crucible weekly challenges.
8 - Justiciar
Category Objective Description
Collections Exotic Arsenal Increase the number of Exotic weapons in your collection to 15.
Exotic Armorer Collect 15 Exotic armor pieces.
Titles Claim a Title.
Commendations Appreciated Acquire a commendation score of 477.
Endgame King's Fall Complete the King's Fall raid.
Duality Complete the Duality dungeon.
Spire of the Watcher Complete the Spire of the Watcher dungeon.
Root of Nightmares Complete the Root of Nightmares raid.
Lost Sectors Solo Legend Lost Sectors Complete 5 Legend Lost sectors solo.
Flawless, Solo, & Legendary Complete a Legend Lost Sector solo without dying.
Lightfall Lightfall - Legendary Part 1 Complete the first four Lightfall campaign missions on Legendary difficulty.
Lightfall - Legendary Part 2 Complete the last four Lightfall campaign missions on Legendary difficulty.
Deep Contacts Claim 6 reputation rewards from Nimbus.
Weekly Campaign Missions Complete 3 weekly campaign missions from the Lightfall campaign on Legend difficulty and acquire a team score of 100k.
Nightfall Legend Difficulty Complete a Nightfall on Legend difficulty.
Legendary Platinum Rewards Complete a Nightfall on Legend with Platinum rewards.
Legend Score Complete a Nightfall on Legend with a score of 130,000 or better. (This may be bugged and only possible on Master).
Season of Defiance Seasonal Ranks Acquire 20 Seasonal ranks.
Seasonal Difficulty Complete the current Seasonal activity or Exotic quest on the highest difficulty.
Seasonal Challenges Complete 10 Seasonal Challenges.
9 - Vanquisher
Category Objective Description
Collection Exotic Armor Collect 20 Exotic armor pieces.
Exotic Weapons Collect 85 Exotic weapons.
Titles Claim 2 Titles.
Commendations Respected Increase your commendation score to 910 or higher.
Dungeons Shattered Throne Complete the Shattered Throne dungeon.
Pit of Heresy Complete the Pit of Heresy dungeon.
Prophecy Complete the Prophecy dungeon.
Grasp of Avarice Complete the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.
Nightfall Master Nightfall Complete a Nightfall on Master difficulty or higher.
Nightfall Score Complete a Nightfall at Master difficult or higher with a score of 200,000 or more.
Power Pinnacle Cap Increase your Power to the pinnacle cap of the Season.
Seasonal Artifact Power Increase your Seasonal Artifact Power bonus to +12.
Raids Last Wish Complete the Last Wish raid.
Garden of Salvation Complete the Garden of Salvation raid.
Deep Stone Crypt Complete the Deep Stone Crypt raid.
Vault of Glass Complete the Vault of Glass raid.
Vow of the Disciple Complete the Vow of the Disciple raid.
King's Fall Complete the King's Fall raid.
Root of Nightmares Complete the Root of Nightmares raid.
Season of Defiance Seasonal Ranks Acquire 50 Seasonal ranks.
War Table Upgrades Purchase 8 upgrades from the War Table.
Seasonal Challenges Complete 20 Seasonal Challenges.
10 - Exemplar
Category Objective Description
Collections Catalyst Collector Fully Masterwork 25 Exotic weapons using catalysts. 
Armor Collector Collect 30 pieces of Exotic armor.
Titles Claim 5 Titles.
Commendations Cherished Achieve a commendation score of 1530. Leadership commendations from difficult activities provide the most progress to your commendation score.
Coach Receive 100 ally and leadership commendations. Leadership commendations provide bonus progress.
Lost Sectors Master Solo Lost Sectors Complete 5 Master Lost Sectors solo.
Master Staying Alive Complete a Master Lost Sector solo without dying.
Darkness Dark Wielder Unlock all Darkness subclasses.
Stasis Collector Collect 5 Stasis Fragments.
Strand Collector Collect 5 Strand Fragments for a single character.
Dark Mastery Complete a Grandmaster Nightfall with a Darkness subclass equipped.
Grandmaster Grandmaster Nightfall Complete the featured Nightfall on Grandmaster difficulty.
Scoring Grandmaster Complete a Grandmaster Nightfall with a score of 230,000 or more.
Season of Defiance Seasonal Ranks Acquire 80 Seasonal ranks.
Seasonal Challenges Complete 30 Seasonal Challenges.
11 - Paragon
Category Objective Description
Collections Titles Claim 7 Titles.
Commendations Beloved Achieve a commendation score of 1800.
Shepherd Receive 200 ally and leadership commendations. Leadership commendations provide bonus progress.
Grandmaster Conqueror Complete the Triumphs to acquire the Conqueror Title.
Gilded Conqueror Complete the Triumphs to gild the Conqueror Title.
Endgame Solo Spelunker Complete the most recently released dungeon solo.
Master Spelunker Complete the most recently released dungeon on Master difficulty.
Classified Secret.

How to rank up Guardian Ranks

The Guardian Ranks screen showing seasonal objectives
Any blue objectives are seasonal and will expire at the end of each season. All objectives must be completed within a rank to level up.
Source: Shacknews

There are 11 Guardian Ranks to work through in Destiny 2. Unlike other ranks such as Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit, Guardian Ranks do not level up by simply accruing XP or playing activities. Players must complete specific tasks in order to increase their Guardian Rank.

As seen in the table above, the types of objectives players encounter at each rank will vary. There will also be some hurdles to overcome, specifically surviving Legend and Master Lost Sectors without dying.

You will note that some of the Guardian Rank objectives are presented in-game with different colored boxes. These objectives are limited to the season and will expire when a season ends. Which brings us too…

Guardian Ranks reset

Each season your Guardian Rank will reset. As mentioned above, some objectives are tied to seasons, which means you’ll lose those objectives and be issued new ones. How many ranks you lose remains to be seen, but players will need to work their way back up to max every single season.

With a firm grasp on the Guardian Ranks system, you’ll be one step closer to maxing it out and showing other players your expertise in Destiny 2. Remember to pay it forward and help out others, which you can do through the new Commendation system. Read more explanations and info for other mechanics on our Destiny 2 strategy guide.

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