Where to find an Offering for the Oracle in Destiny 2

Learn how to get your hands on an offering, where to find the Oracle, and what to do with the reward.


One of the new tasks players can do in Destiny 2: Forsaken is to present an offering to the Oracle found near the Divalian Mists. It’s not immediately clear how to present an offering to the Oracle, but completing this weekly task is critical, especially if players want to remove the curse from the Reverie armor.

How to present an Offering to the Oracle

After the Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign has been finished, players will gain access to the Dreaming City and its many secrets, one of which is the Oracle. Players who present an offering to the Oracle will receive a few pieces of gear, as well as a new quest, Purification Ritual. Completing the Purification Ritual earns players the Transcendent Blessing, a mod that removes the Riven’s Curse from the Reverie armor. Anyone who does not have an offering will only see the message “You lack an Offering”.

Players who visit the Oracle without an offering will only see the message, "You lack an offering".

To begin this process, an offering must be given to the Oracle, which can be done with the following steps:

  • Visit Petra Venj in the Dreaming City
  • Purchase the Gateway Between Worlds weekly bounty
  • Complete Gateway Between Worlds to receive the offering to the Oracle
  • Take the offering to the Oracle near Divalian Mists

Gateway Between Worlds

Buy the bounty "Gateway Between Worlds" from Petra Venj for 40 Dark Fragments.

The Gateway Between Worlds bounty is currently the only known way to get an offering to give to the Oracle. This bounty costs 40 Dark Fragments, so take the time to farm Dark Fragments, as this will become a weekly purchase.

The requirements to complete the Gateway Between Worlds bounty may change from week to week. For one week, the bounty required players to go to the Blind Well and complete several tiers. The three different tiers rewarded a different percentage, with Tier 3 yielding the best results. Make sure you know how to complete the Blind Well, else this will be a challenge, besides, you might even get another Seed of Light.

Once the bounty is complete, navigate to the Inventory page and find the bounty in the pursuits. Press the appropriate button to receive the offering for the Oracle.

Where to find the Oracle

Start at the Divalian Mists fast travel point, and head straight. Look for the blue crystal cave on the left, pass through it and follow the tracks. Continue into the building to find the Oracle.

With the offering in hand, the only thing left to do is find the Oracle and present the offering. To find the Oracle, start at the Divalian Mists and head straight, going through the riverbed. Look toward the left to spot a tunnel covered in blue crystal – go through. This track has a few breaks in the road, and wraps around to the temple. The temple should look familiar, as it is the first place visited at the end of the campaign when heading to the Dreaming City.

Head inside the temple and look up to spot the giant Oracle mechanism spinning around. Use the stairs to the side or jump up the platforms to reach the tablet. Hold the appropriate button to present the offering to the Oracle. A chest will appear on the ledge beside the offering tablet, open it to receve a few rewards, along with the aforementioned quest, Purification Ritual – which will have a random requirement for completion.

Purification Ritual

After giving the offering to the Oracle, the quest "Purification Ritual" will be received. This quest rewards the Transcendent Blessing mod.

The Purification Ritual is an additional quest step after giving the offering to the Oracle. Upon completion of this new quest, players will receive the Transcendent Blessing, an exceptionally important mod. The Transcendent Blessing mod removes the negative effect on the Reverie armor while maintaining the positive benefit of Riven’s Curse. Players will still deal more damage while in the Dreaming City, but will no longer take more damage.

Completing the Purification Ritual is a simple process. Begin by reading the objective to discover how to finish the new bounty. The Purification Ritual has random requirements for completion: some players need only kill knights during the Ascendant Challenge while others might need to complete the Strike, The Corrupted.

Finish whatever objective it asks, and then turn in the bounty to receive the various rewards, of which the Transcendent Blessing is one. Remember to visit Petra Venj each week to get another quest that rewards the offering for the Oracle.

It’s a bit of a slog, but finding an offering to give the Oracle is absolutely essential for players who wish to maximise their damage while in the Dreaming City. Sparrow over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for more helpful articles on the Dreaming City and other end-game material.

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