Prophecy loot table - Destiny 2

All the possible loot drops from each encounter in the Prophecy dungeon in Destiny 2.


Though it’s one of the oldest dungeons in Destiny 2, Prophecy has a loot table full of weapons worth perusing. In fact, it features a rather appealing Hand Cannon, Sniper Rifle, and a highly sought after Pulse Rifle. When Prophecy pops up on the weekly rotator, make sure you farm one of the encounters below for some powerful loot.

Prophecy loot table

The Prophecy dungeon has three encounters with one additional loot drop after the last boss. Interestingly, the boss can only drop armor while the final loot chest is where you’ll receive a weapon.

Prophecy loot table
1st Encounter: Phalanx Echo 2nd Encounter: Hexahedron 3rd Encounter: Kell Echo Emissary chest
Relentless (Pulse Rifle) A Sudden Death (Shotgun) Head Judgement (Hand Cannon)
Prosecutor (Auto Rifle) Adjudicator (Submachine Gun) Arms Darkest Before (Pulse Rifle)
Legs Arms Chest Head
Class Item Legs Chest
Class Item Class Item

Farming the Prophecy dungeon for weapons is really only possible when it is the weekly featured dungeon. While this means you have a week to get everything you want, the downside is that you’ll have to wait several weeks to farm it, this is thanks to the large number of dungeons in rotation.

Inspecting a Darkest Before roll in Destiny 2

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Back in late 2021, players started to discover the power of the Pulse Rifle from this dungeon. This led to many looking for ways to farm the Darkest Before and to search for various god rolls. Now that we’re years out from its release, whether or not it’s worth grabbing will be entirely dependent upon the current meta. As always, farming any encounter in this dungeon will only be possible if you know how to do it, so check out our Prophecy guide for the latest tips.

While you are farming Prophecy dungeon, consider farming one of the more recent dungeons when it becomes available. Dungeons like Grasp of Avarice and onwards drop something called Artifice Armor, which is a unique set of armor featuring an additional mod slot that boosts a stat by 3 points. This can lift your build up to double-100 stats, like a maxed out Resilience and Discipline.

Whenever you jump in to farm this dungeon, take a moment to look over our Prophecy loot table. You don’t want to accidentally farm an encounter that doesn’t drop the thing you’re looking for (we’ve all done it). You can also check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for a wealth of valuable information.

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