Decision Point, Allegiance quest line - Destiny 2

Learn the quest steps for siding with the Drifter and siding with the Vanguard as part of the Decision Point Allegiance quest in Destiny 2.


The Decision Point step of the Allegiance quest in Destiny 2 is the first major choice players have ever made. Depending on what side you choose will result in an entirely different point of view of a singular set of events. The decision will also affect how the Drifter treats you, as well as other characters in the story.

Whether you want to figure out what happens for both sides – Drifter and Vanguard – or whether you just need to get some answers, we’ve got the whole Decision Point quest line covered.

Decision Point

The first step of the Allegiance quest is the Decision Point. Go and speak with the Drifter and make your decision. You will have only two choices: stand with the Drifter or stand with the Vanguard. Deciding who to stand with, Vanguard or Drifter, is a tough choice, and your decision will affect how characters behave. Furthermore, depending on your choice, you will experience different quest lines, receive different rewards, and may be locked out of lore Triumphs.

Your decision is character-based, so you can choose the other side on another character.

Destiny 2 Decision Point Allegiance Drifter Honor Among Thieves

Stand with the Drifter – Honor Among Thieves

Choosing to stand with the Drifter will begin the Honor Among Thieves quest.

Destiny 2 Allegiance Drifter Black Market Deals
Head to the Spider and purchase an item from his black market stock.

Black Market Deals

Drifter tells you he regularly does business with the Spider. Spider is all too happy to supply Drifter’s scams with equipment and fresh fodder, and he has a fresh shipment waiting for pick up. “Ask him for ‘the jerky,’” Drifter tells you, winking.

  • Visit Spider in the Tangled Shore.

Shady Deal

You’ve discovered the spider has a whole array of illegal goods for sale to those who know what to ask for. Among those is “the jerky” that Drifter asked you to pick up.

  • Purchase The Jerky from Spider 50,000 Glimmer.

Check out our guide on how to get Glimmer fast if you don't have enough to buy the Jerky. The Jerky is an item that reads “Coordinates to Golden Age salvage collected by the Fallen on Titan. Essential to the Drifter’s new Gambit.”

Dead Drop

The Jerky is dialled into a Fallen transponder somewhere on Titan. You’ll need to pick up the good in person to complete your errand for Drifter.

  • Complete a heroic reprise of adventure “Thief of Thieves” on Titan.

Kill thieves to recover repair tools. Defeat the supply thieves, return to the cache, and hold out against the Fallen.

Show Your Strength

Drifter’s concerned that his old enemy, Shin Malphur, is roaming the EDZ. As a pre-emptive show of strength, he wants you to get into the Crucible and make it a bad day to be a Gunslinger.

  • Defeat 25 Guardians in the Crucible.

Motes! Fast!

“Okay, You bought us some time, but we gotta pick up the pace. Work on an accelerated timeline. Listen. I need you to get as many Motes as you can. Route ‘em straight to me. I’ll explain everything later.” – The Drifter

  • Bank 50 Motes in Gambit or Gambit Prime

Farm to Table

“Good. Good. We got Motes – those’ll keep the defenses runnin’ for a while. But, we’re gonna need fuel and we’re gonna need food. Lots of food.” – The Drifter

  • Gather fuel by defeating Vex strike bosses. Gather meat by defeating Cabal strike bosses.

For the Farm to Table portion, use the Inverted Spire and Arms Dealer Strikes. Both of these bosses don’t have lengthy immune phases and can be killed immediately.

Destiny 2 Drifter's Hideaway Mystery and Potential
Find the Mystery and Potential mission in the Gambit node and select it to be taken to a special version of Drifter's ship.

Drifter’s Hideaway

“All right. We got everything we need, kid. Uh… If you wanna bring it all up to the Derelict, I… maybe… left a message for you up there.” – The Drifter

  • Enter the activity “Mystery and Potential” via the Gambit Director and search the Derelict for the tape the Drifter made for you.

Follow the right-hand catwalk around into the rear of the Derelict where a shipping container lies open. Inside on the table is a recording, interact with it and listen to what Drifter has to say.

Cold Feet

“You heard it? You heard the tape? Ah, damn. Damn! I didn’t expect you to just go and DO it. Listen, kid, I got the jitters about this. Come see me before you go lookin’ for the rest of those stupid tapes.” – The Drifter

  • Visit the Drifter in the Annex of the Tower.

Hidden Messages

Drifter has left a series of personal message for you in the EDZ. Naturally, he won’t tell you where you can find them…

Search the EDZ for tapes Drifter left you. One tape can be found near computer consoles in each of the following patrol areas and Lost Sectors: Trosland, Skydock IV, Flooded Chasm, Soujourner’s Camp, Excavation Site XII, Winding Cove, and Scavenger’s Den.

Check out our Hidden Messages locations guide for a thorough walkthrough of where to find each tape.

We’re In This Together

After hearing everything Drifter has to say, you feel compelled to visit him.

  • Visit Drifter in the Annex of the Tower.

Destiny 2 Allegiance Drifter Crew Loyalty Package
The Crew Loyalty Package contains a weapon and some synths.

Crew Loyalty Package

The Drifter slips you a package on the sly, giving you a nod of acknowledgement. He’s grateful that you have his back.

Destiny 2 Decision Point Allegiance Vanguard

Stand with the Vanguard – The Investigation

Choosing to stand with the Vanguard will begin The Investigation quest.

Destiny 2 Allegiance Vanguard The Investigation
Destiny 2 Allegiance Vanguard The Investigation

Signed, Sealed Delivered

You’ve chosen to steer clear of the Drifter. You should probably tell your new friend Aunor…

  • Find a terminal in the Tower Hangar where you can compose an encrypted message.

Go to the hangar and turn right. Walk past Cayde-6’s old hangout spot and look for a little side area with a computer. This is the terminal that will be used a few times during this Allegiance quest.

A Message of Solidarity

Aunor is one of the Hidden, a coveted group of Guardians who gather sensitive intelligence. You’ve heard rumors that they’re embedded on just about every active Vanguard front, including the Tower. With your message in hand, you begin to look around, hoping to find one of them. Maybe they can get your message to Aunor.

  • Find the Hidden agent in the Tower Hangar to drop off your message.

The hidden agent is a human standing around in the hangar.

Destiny 2 Allegiance Vanguard Wiretapping the Annex plant bugs
The bugs can be planted on either side of the Mote Bank in Drifter's room in the Annex.

Wiretapping the Annex

Aunor wants you to bug Drifter’s new haunt in the Annex. She believes that eavesdropping on Drifter remotely will yield valuable intel on his next move.

  • Find suitable locations in the Annex to plant audio surveillance devices. Plant 3 bugs.

The three bugs can be planted in the room where Drifter stands. It appears as if all three can be planted in the same spot. However, there is a spot to the left and right of the Mote bank where the bugs can be placed.


“That’s one to check off our bucket list,” Ghost remarks dryly. “Let’s see if the feed’s working.”

Return to the Tower Hangar terminal you used to author a message to Aunor. Activate the terminal to monitor the bugs you just planted.

Sting Operation

You picked up a lead while you were spying on the Drifter’s conversations. He’s sending someone to pick up an important shipment from Spider. Maybe you can get there first…

  • Visit the Spider in the Tangled Shore.

A Reasonable Price

Spider is willing to stop trading with the Drifter… for the right price. He’s asking for quite a lot of Glimmer. You’re not happy about the arrangement, nor do you trust Spider, but after a quick consultation with Ghost, you both agree it’s likely worth it. Spider does keep his word, after all.

  • Pay off Spider. Buy the Spider’s Word bribe for 50,000 Glimmer.

Destiny 2 Allegiance Vanguard Looking for a Lead Siren Song

Looking for a Lead

Spider told you Drifter might be planning something on Titan. Anor agrees. It’s worth taking a look around. Without any sense of where to start, you set a course for the Riger.

  • Complete Heroic reprise of adventure “Siren Song” on Titan.

Prime Research

Keep spying on the Drifter for Aunor by playing his games. Drifter knows your true motivations, but he also needs Motes.

  • Bank 50 Motes while playing Gambit or Gambit Prime.

Lifeguard Duty

Aunor says that the Drifter has been flooding the Crucible with his followers. She’s worried that Drifter’s fake-Dredgens will collide with genuine Dredgens, and someone might get legitimately killed. But your reputation precedes you. If you’re there as a lifeguard, people will likely behave.

  • Defeat 25 Guardians in the Crucible.

Field Maintenance

Ghost tells you that the bugs planted around the Drifter’s shop in the Annex have flagged a possible lead to investigate, but they’ll require on-site decryption.

  • Return to the terminal in the Hangar to audit your logs.

Bomb Threat

You’ve extracted a number of keywords from your surveillance transcript that suggest, perhaps, the Drifter has planted explosives somewhere – but the Drifter’s Gambit takes place throughout the solar system. They could be anywhere. You resolve to head up to the Derelict to begin your investigation. Maybe there’s a clue there somewhere.

  • Enter the Activity “Mystery and Potential” via the Gambit Director and search the Derelict for some kind of clue.

After loading into the Derelict, turn right and follow the path along to a shipping container. Inside the container is a terminal on the desk.

The Survival Guide

After investigating the Drifter’s Haul, you discovered he has hidden message around the EDZ for his protégé. One of those tapes could contain the final pieces of evidence that you and Aunor need to prove for once and for all that the Drifter is up to no good.

Search the EDZ for Drifter’s tapes. One tape can be found near computer console in each of the following patrol areas and Lost Sectors: Trostland, Skydock IV, Flooded Chasm, Soujourner’s Camp, Excavation Site XII, Winding Cove, and Scavenger’s Den.

  • Snoop on the 7 tapes.

Check out our Survival Guide tape locations guide for a thorough walkthrough of where to find each tape.

Hard Truths

You are a Guardian of the Last City. You live by your principles: loyalty, honor, justice. It chafes at you that you’ve heard messages the Drifter intended for someone else. You send him a message to let him know – and further, that you intend to visit him in person.

  • Visit Drifter in the Annex of the Tower.

Destiny 2 Allegiance Vanguard Praxic Loyalty Package
After confronting Drifter, speak with Ikora to receive the Praxic Loyalty Package. This gift contains a weapon and some boons.

Praxic Loyalty Package

With a knowing look, Ikora hands you a package. “Aunor asked me to give this to you,” she says, smiling.

  • After speaking with the Drifter, go and speak to Ikora to receive the Praxic Loyalty Package.

Completing the Decision Point quest in Destiny 2 will likely leave you looking for more answers. For those that sided with the Vanguard, some more lore gives insight into the Drifter and Vanguard, and those that sided with Drifter have a new ally. This likely isn’t the end of the Allegiance quest, so we’ll keep you updated if more steps become available. For now, check out the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more thorough quest walkthroughs.

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