Iron Banner Season 15 quest guide - Destiny 2

A complete guide to the Iron Banner Season 15 quest, For the War to Come, in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost.


Iron Banner Season 15 has started in Destiny 2, giving players new gear to collect. Those that complete the quest, For the War to Come, will be rewarded with some powerful new gear, which will no doubt help raise that Power level. Before you dive into the Iron Banner, remember to grab some bounties from Lord Saladin.

Iron Banner quest: For the War to Come

Iron Banner Season 15 Quest Destiny 2

The Iron Banner Season 15 quest is For the War to Come. This quest contains five steps, with the last one simply requiring you to speak with Lord Saladin to finish the questline. The only weapon-specific steps require defeats with a Pulse Rifle and Sidearm, so come prepared.

Step 1: Forewarned, Forearmed

Iron Banner Season 15 Quest Step 1

The first step requires you to defeat Guardians and capture zones, which is really the main goal of all Iron Banner matches. While you’re doing this, you should be getting Energy weapon kills. Make sure you’re using a weapon in your second slot to get this step finished.

  • 30 Guardians defeats
  • 15 Energy weapon final blows
  • 10 Zones captured

Step 2: Clustered Shots

Iron Banner Season 15 Quest Step 2

Next up are more zone captures, with an added zing of completing matches (easy) and getting Pulse Rifle defeats (also, easy). Grab a Pulse Rifle you like to use or equip the one Lord Saladin gave you.

  • 20 Zones captured
  • 15 Pulse Rifle final blows
  • 6 Matches completed

Step 3: Antipode

Iron Banner Season 15 Quest Step 3

This next step has you scoring 100 Guardian defeats, which may take a bit of time. While you’re doing this, focus on getting the kills using your abilities and capture those zones!

  • 100 Guardian defeats
  • 30 Zones captured
  • 10 Ability final blows (Solar or Stasis)

Step 4: The Final Lesson

Iron Banner Season 15 Quest Step 4

This isn’t technically the final step, but it is the final one that requires you to play Iron Banner. For this one, equip the Sidearm Lord Saladin gave you or use your favorite and go get 15 defeats. Then, start using your Super - a roaming one might work well. While that’s all happening, keep capturing zones!

  • 40 Zones captured
  • 15 Super final blows
  • 15 Sidearm final blows

Step 5: A Finely Tuned Instrument

destiny 2 iron banner season 15 quest

Finally, go back and speak with Lord Saladin to complete the Iron Banner Season 15 quest, For the War to Come.

Season 15 Iron Banner bounties

Iron Banner Season 15 The Rout
Iron Banner Season 15 Maneuver Warfare
Iron Banner Season 15 Iron Confidence
Iron Banner Season 15 An Arsenal of Tricks

The Iron Banner bounties for Season 15 will be your other means of acquiring Pinnacle gear. These should be familiar to anyone that’s competed in Iron Banner before, with the bounties focusing on working with your teammates, capturing zones, and getting defeats.

The Iron Banner Season 15 quest, For the War to Come, is similar to all the previous Iron Banner quests that have come before it. Focus on working together with your teammates, and remember to equip the correct type of weapon, and you’ll have it finished in no time. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more event coverage and the latest meta strategies.

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