A Moment in Time - How to get Devil's Ruin in Destiny 2

Unlock the Devil's Ruin by completing the Exotic Quest, A Moment in Time, in Destiny 2.


A Moment in Time is a new Exotic quest introduced to Destiny 2 with Season of Dawn. This quest rewards the Devil’s Ruin, and Exotic Sidearm that should shakeup players’ regular loadouts. There are only a few steps in the Moment in Time quest, so you should have your new weapon in now time at all. It’s worth noting that the gun is not called Devin’s Run, but Devil’s Ruin.

Last updated on June 15, 2020.

UPDATE: Since the end of Season of Dawn, the quest to unlock Devil's Ruin, A Moment in Time, is no more. Currently, the only known way to get this Exotic Sidearm is to purchase it from Master Rahool, the Cryptarch, by using Exotic Ciphers, a new material introduced with Season of Arrivals. The rest of the guide continues below in its original form.

A Moment in Time Exotic quest – Devil’s Ruin

destiny 2 a moment in time devil's ruin
Complete a Normal run of the Sundial to get the Exotic quest, a Moment in Time.

To unlock the quest, A Moment in Time, you must first complete a run through the Sundial on Mercury. There’s no need to do the Legend version, simply complete a Normal run. Grab the Exotic quest from the chest once the activity has completed.

Step 1: A Lost Relic

Destiny 2 A Lost Relic
Speak to Saint-14 in the Tower to learn more about how to fix this weapon.

The first step of A Lost Relic is to take it to Saint-14 in the Tower. While we already know that it builds the Devil’s Ruin Sidearm, he can tell us where to get the necessary parts.

Step 2: A Tour Through History

After speaking with Saint-14, he will direct you to investigate the Twilight Gap. This mission is called Parts Long Lost and can be launched from the EDZ. Look for the blue banner near Winding Cove.

This quest has a single task called Reframing the Gap which tasks you with collecting 10 Timelost Fragments. These are found by interacting with the Crucible frame (Redjacks) hidden around the map.

The first Crucible frame is to the right of the spawn point, at the end of the rail tracks:

Destiny 2 timelost fragments 1

Another Redjack is leaning up against the rock near the spawn point:

Destiny 2 timelost fragments 2

The third frame is in the hangar doorway marked with the number 4:

Destiny 2 timelost fragments 3

Find another timelost fragment down on the outcropping near where “B” is located in Control:

Destiny 2 timelost fragments 4

Search in the open shipping container on the upper level for another Redjack:

Destiny 2 timelost fragments 5

This timelost fragment is in the Redjack found leaning against a supply drop in the upper-middle area connecting the two sides of the map:

Destiny 2 timelost fragments 6

Another one is below the middle area that connects the two sides of the map, on the round platform:

Destiny 2 timelost fragments 7

Find another Crucible robot under the cannon at the far end of the map:

Destiny 2 timelost fragments 8

The second-last timelost fragment is at the bottom of the stairs near the cliff:

Destiny 2 timelost fragments 9

The last Redjack is near the bottom steps inside the base:

Destiny 2 timelost fragments 10

After completing this step, you will now be the proud owner of Devil’s Ruin, a powerful Exotic Sidearm. It’s worth sticking around in the level just to hear the banter between Shaxx and Saint-14.

Devil’s Ruin perks

Devil's Ruin exotic perks Destiny 2
Devil's Ruin has an ability to stagger Unstoppable Champions with its charged-laser attack.

Devil’s Ruin is an Exotic Sidearm that sits right in your Energy slot. This weapon deals Solar damage and has the ability to stagger enemies. Devil’s Ruin has the following perks:

  • Close the Gap – Variable trigger. Press and release to fire individual shots. Hold to charge up a high-powered, Staggering laser. Strong against Unstoppable Champions.
  • Pyrogenesis – Fully charging the laser refills the magazine from reserves.

Unfortunately, Pyrogenesis seems to be extremely finicky or potentially bugged. The window in which the perk procs is quite narrow. Release the trigger to early or too late and you will miss the magazine refill effect.

With the Exotic quest A Moment in Time complete, and the Devil’s Ruin Sidearm unlocked (remember, not Devil’s Run), you can start experimenting with it in your build. Perhaps it will find a home in the Crucible or become a must-have for high-level Ordeal runs. While you’re here, take a moment to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more Exotic quest walkthroughs.

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