Swordbreaker god roll - Destiny 2

A Swordbreaker god roll is going to break some swords and bones in PVE and PVP activities.


Crota’s End was revealed to be the reprised raid coming with Season with the Witch and it’s seriously delivered on the weapons front. Swordbreaker is no exception. Starting with strong stats and perks to push its limits, Swordbreaker is a Shotgun Destiny 2 players will want to add to their collection this season.

Swordbreaker is a Strand, 80 RPM, Lightweight Frame, Shotgun, and is a great addition to the Strand line-up of weaponry. With desirable perks for both PvE and PvP, Swordbreaker fits comfortably in the current sandbox.

How to get Swordbreaker

Swordbreaker is a random reward from the Crota’s End raid, specifically from the bridge encounter and Crota. It can also drop from Crota’s red border chest, so make sure you spawn that once each week.

Further rolls can be purchased from the final chest using Spoils of Conquest or you can grab an extra chance from the secret chests found across the Crota’s End raid. Swordbreaker is also craftable, providing it with enhanced perks. Collect five with Deepsight Resonance to be able to craft one on the crafting table.

PvP - Swordbreaker god roll

Swordbreaker comes with some of the most desirable perks for a PvP Shotgun making it a top choice for the Crucible.

Swordbreaker - PVP
Barrel Barrel Shroud (Stability +10, Handling +10)
Magazine Assault Mag (RPM +10, Stability +15)
Perk 1 Slideshot (upon sliding: refills 15 percent of the magazine. Grants Range +20 and Stability +30 for three seconds OR until firing)
Perk 2 Opening Shot (Aim Assist +20, Range +25, -5 percent accuracy cone, -10 percent accuracy cone growth)
Origin Trait Cursed Thrall (After defeating a target with a melee, final blows with this weapon cause targets to explode)
Masterwork Range (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Quick Access Sling

Start off with Barrel Shroud for increased Handling, giving Swordbreaker a snappier feel when switching weapons. The added Stability is a bonus for follow up shots. Assault Mag then increases the rate of fire, making clean up shots or shooting towards a new target easier to handle.

Swordbreaker god roll for PVP

Source: D2Foundry

Slideshot is a top tier perk for Swordbreaker. If you can remember to slide, this perk adds a large buff to Range and Stability. Opening Shot then ties this Swordbreaker god roll together, pushing Swordbreaker’s Range to its limit. The Aim Assist and accuracy bonuses only make this weapon even more lethal in the right hands.

PvE - Swordbreaker god roll

Swordbreaker hits hard for a Lightweight Frame and brings some much needed heat to the Strand weapon types.

Swordbreaker - PVE
Barrel Corkscrew Rifling (Stability +5, Range +5, Handling +5)
Magazine Assault Mag (RPM +10, Stability +15)
Perk 1 Threat Detector (Grants one or two stacks while within 15 meters of one to two or more enemies. Bonuses at one to two stacks: +15|+40 Stability. +18|+60 Reload. +25|+100 Handling. +0.9x|+0.81x Handling animation duration.)
Perk 2 One-Two Punch (Increases melee damage for 1.22 seconds after hitting a target with all 12 Shotgun pellets. Melee damage increases: 100 percent increased unpowered melee damage. 40 percent increased powered melee damage. Increases Melee Damage against bosses and vehicles by a further 25 percent)
Origin Trait Cursed Thrall (After defeating a target with a melee, final blows with this weapon cause targets to explode)
Masterwork Range or Handling (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Major or Boss Spec (7.7 percent damage increase)

Corkscrew Rifling provides an all-rounder in terms of stats, bringing good bumps to key areas to get the most balance out of Swordbreaker. Assault Mag increases RPM, boosting the speed of consecutive shots. This is great for dealing big damage in a short space of time.

Swordbreaker god roll for PVE

Source: D2Foundry

Threat Detector complements close quarters combat with Swordbreaker by rewarding the weapon for jumping Shotgun-first into hordes of enemies. The added Stability, Reload and Handling are all effective to help demolish foes. One-Two Punch is one of the best perks for Swordbreaker going into PvE. The 100 percent damage increase stacks with Exotic armor such as Titan Synthoceps or the Hunter Exotic Liar’s Handshake to devastating effect. This enables Swordbreaker to take on some of the game's strongest enemies.

Swordbreaker is a much needed hard-hitter for the Strand collection of weapons and with this god roll, it will not let a Guardian down. For more Season of the Witch information and weapon guide content, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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