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Destiny 2 players found a strange chest they couldn't unlock. Here's how to get a Corrupted Key Code in Destiny 2.


Destiny never has a shortage of weird things you need to find in order to unlock a chest that promises the dropping of epic loot. Okay, so maybe epic loot is an overstatement. It’s more like a few blues and some low-stat armor, but that’s irrelevant. That chest must be opened. Here’s how to get a Corrupted Key Code to open the Corrupted Conflux Chest at the end of a Corrupted Expunge mission.

How to get a Corrupted Key Code

Corrupted Key Code Destiny 2

Corrupted Key Codes can drop from any PvE activity in Destiny 2. I’m not sure about PvP, but PvE seems to be wide open. I’ve had these drop within an Expunge mission, during Override, and a few other times I didn’t notice because my inventory is maxed out with five Corrupted Key Codes. So, the boring and short answer on how to get Corrupted Key Codes is to play the game.

Once players have a Corrupted Key Code, they will need to load into a Corrupted version of an Expunge mission. When you choose Expunge from the Director, you can now select the difficulty level by clicking the Power level in the bottom right. At the time this article was published (June 18, 2021), there was only the Expunge: Corrupted Labyrinth to choose from. The safe bet here is that the other Expunge missions will get Corrupted versions each week over the next few weeks until they all have them.

Corrupted Expunge Destiny 2

Fight through the Corrupted Expunge mission of your choice and defeat the boss at the end as you would under normal circumstances. When the boss dies, a Corrupted Conflux Chest will spawn. If you have the Corrupted Key Code, you can open this chest. If you open three Corrupted Conflux Chests in a week, you’ll get a Pinnacle drop, which is nifty if you’re still on the grind to the max Power in Destiny 2.

Corrupted Conflux Chests Destiny 2

There you have it, a full breakdown on how to get Corrupted Key Codes and what to do with them. For more guides to help you as your journey as a Guardian, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide.

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